Oh, Hello Tuesday

Hello!  I hope you are all having a good Tuesday.  Tuesdays are good because it means we made it through Monday.  Although I had a pretty fab Monday this week!

It started out with 5 miles around the reservoir…

IMG_1547…and ended with another 3 miles and a delicious dinner, a la FW.  The man can cook.


Seafood pasta with spicy pepper tomato sauce. YUM.

This morning I ran a very sluggish three mile shakeout.  I need to give my muscles a tad more time to recover.  Running every 12 hours is super fun but tiring!  Tonight I am going to try out Jillian Micheal’s Yoga Meltdown.  Has anyone ever done it?  I need some serious stretching and some toning wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

What’s going on in your corner of the world?  Did you have a good workout today?


What a Weekend!

What a weekend!

Saturday started with a Girls on the Run Pre-Marathon Breakfast for the Sole Mates who were running on Sunday.  We offered bagels and coffee (kindly donated by Pick-A-Bagel on 77th & Lex) and words of encouragement! It was great to meet some of the Sole Mates and talk about all things running!

After the breakfast, I was off to the orchards!  Apple picking commenced at Lawrence Farm Orchards with LG and AN.  We were a tad late in the apple picking season so there weren’t thousands of apples to choose from, but we got a nice couple pounds of yellow delicious and empire apples.  We even got apple cider donuts and hot apple cider from their cute little store!  I’m pretty sure it’s a family run business and it completely delivered on the “let’s go pick apples and do fun fall things” idea.



When we returned to the city, we took over FW’s beautiful kitchen and made apple crisp, a delicious dinner, and applesauce.  It was an epic fall day, it really was.


Sunday morning FINALLY arrived and it was time for the New York City Marathon!  I went out in the morning by myself; I was feeling a bit emotional about being back in the running community and wanted some solo time to reflect.  I went out to First Ave (miles 17-18) and watched for a few hours as the wheel chair athletes and professional men and women passed by.  I was so inspired and in awe of these athletes.

IMG_1518 IMG_1521 IMG_1529 IMG_1531 IMG_1543 Those elite runners are so fast, it’s hard to capture them!.  Amazing.

I then proceeded to throw on a few more layers (it was WINDY as I’m sure the runners will say!) and headed to meet up with the Girls on the Run cheering squad.  There I watched more runners and cheered them on.  It’s so fun and inspiring to see everyone run by, with such looks of determination and dedication on their faces.  I love that most people put their names on the shirts now; it’s so fun to cheer for people by name and see them light up and smile when you do!  I know from experience that just one person telling you you’re doing great can make all the difference.


Sporting my GOTR t-shirt and sunglasses.


First Ave, miles 17-18.

I am loving reading everyone’s race recaps in the blog world!  Being there and feeling the excitement all around the city has made me want to run it again.  I’ve run 4 marathons, and it remains my absolute favorite.  And this morning, I ran around the park in honor of those who ran yesterday.  Congrats to all of you!

Did you spectate?  Did you run?  Tell me about it!

Friday Favorites

I am sorry for the one sided post that is about to happen here.  But these pictures of my two nephews (who live in Hawaii!) are my Friday Favorites:

Nephews Khiam3 Nephews2 Khiam4

How could I possibly find something I like better today than these pictures?  And I have to point out that my Mum made the little guy’s costume!  She didn’t make his Daddy’s though, that one’s real 🙂

Just a reminder that today is the beginning of Pile on the Miles so head over to RunEatRepeat and sign up!  And if you sign up, you can enter a give away for a box of Quest bars.  Double win!

Also, if you’re in NYC, get out there and cheer on the marathoners on Sunday!  I will be at the Girls on the Run station at 103rd & 1st.  Come by and say hi!

Happy Friday!

Anyone running on Sunday?

Good vs. Bad Runs

Today was probably the first day out of oh, I don’t know, ONE HUNDRED that I did not immediately check the weather & temp on my phone upon waking.  I threw on my capris and pink running jacket with thumb holes (I have GOT to get another one of these and change up the outfit)  and flew out the door.  As soon as I was out there, I saw a girl run by in shorts and a t-shirt and I knew I was screwed.  You guys, I had a terrible run.

I feel bad saying that! I really want to sit here and tell you that every run I go on is magical, filled with sparkles and butterflies.  But it’s not.  And today it was bad.  With a capital B.  I was SO hot, in that stuffy, overdressed kind of way, and I kept having to stop and take sips of water at the fountains.   My legs would not move.  I had set out to do 5, but instead I capped it at a little over 4.  Enough is enough.

I did take some pictures though:

West Side HighwayWater fountain

Most days, I have fantastic runs and I come home feeling refreshed and energized.  But every run can’t be a good one.  So I take the bad ones with a grain of salt; tomorrow is another chance to redeem myself.

On a totally different note, I signed up via RunEatRepeat for “Pile on the Miles”.  It’s an initiative to reach an exercise goal of your choosing during the month of November, to avoid the holiday slump.  There are weekly check-ins to track your progress.  I set a goal to run 100 miles.  You should join!  Head over to her blog to sign up!




Are you dressing up tonight?  FW and I are watching a scary movie while enjoying some candy 🙂

A Practice in Flexibility

Sometimes you just have to be flexible.  I would say I am pretty flexible in all areas except running (others may disagree, ha).  Once I lay out my schedule, I get very uncomfortable moving things around.  BUT.  The reality is that life is unpredictable, and sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

I lay in bed this morning working out the details of my day, including my workout at the gym.  Later in the day, things changed.  Date night was changed a bit and so now I won’t get my workout in.  [This is why I like running in the morning, however tonight I was going to go to my abs class and do sprints…]  To anyone else, this is far from a big deal.  But to me, well let’s just say I can get a bit anxious about it.   Luckily, my rational brain took over today.  What do I want to do tonight?  I want to have date night with FW And what can I do about the workout?  Do it on Friday.  Crisis averted.

Drama queen, I know.


Oh, and look how I started my day!  Free fruit & bagels at the office.  WOO! I can certainly be flexible about that 🙂


Are you flexible about changing your workouts or do you stick to a strict schedule?

Tuesday Rambles

This morning I went on my usual 5 miler around the Reservoir.  Of course, I stayed in bed for 10 minutes too long perusing the interwebs in efforts to wake myself up.  When I got out there, I really went for it, or thought I went for it.  Perhaps I was too cocky after I realized in my 10 miler that I am in fact capable of running a sub -8:00 minute mile.  Either way, I was pretty surprised when I looked at my splits:

splits2It’s fine, I ran slowly today.  But it is interesting to note that I thought I was running “fast” (it’s all relative) when in reality, I was doing a “take it easy” pace.  My body must have been feeling some sort of way.  Perhaps it’s because I didn’t give it time to wake up?  I hope I learn soon that giving myself extra time in the morning will really improve my quality of life.  And quality of runs, probably.


He even looks cute when he’s blurry!

Last night I got to FaceTime with MQ and my cute lil nephew Khiam.  He is such a riot – always looking for something new to learn!  We got play to peek-a-boo via FaceTime and he started mocking our laughing, which pretty much made my day.  Nay, made my week.  I’m obsessed.  I tried to snap a pic of adorable face, but he wouldn’t stay still.  Typical 🙂

How was your night?  Did you have a good workout this morning?

Weekend Wrap-Up

How was your weekend?  I had a wonderful weekend relaxing in NH with my parents and brother – it was just what the doctor ordered.  I got to see my brother BQ race in the State meet for cross country.  That boy is FAST.  Seriously.  It was a very hilly 5k, and he ran it in 17:04, a PR for the course, though insanely enough, not a PR overall.  He was third on his team and 21st overall, and the team took second, qualifying for next week’s race.  He is such an inspiration.  It has been so fun to watch him improve all the years. I’ll be interviewing for him in the future and sharing his tips with you all.

Brett & WeeBay

The runner and Wee-Bay! He thinks he’s a small dog…

The weekend was spent going on runs/walks with Mum and the dogs, relaxing with the fam, and celebrating my birthday.  I feel like I’ve been celebrating all month!


Baking in front of the wood stove post run.

Apple pie

Mum’s home-made-from-scratch apple pie. Before the top goes on…I have it every year for my birthday and it is WAY better than cake.


Pandora bracelet given to me by my parents ❤


Sophie aka Lady trotting around town.

Spooky house

Me and Mum loved the spiders on this house for Halloween.