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Hi everyone!

Thanks for subscribing to my blog!  I’ve recently moved to wordpress.org.  I’m posting this so all my email subscribers get the notice. If you want to keep receiving my blog by email, please go to the main page (lovelaughrun.com) and resubscribe using the new link for email subscribers to the right.

Thanks for reading!


Food For Thought

I came across a really interesting article today on Juice Press’s FB page: What a Week of Groceries Looks Like Around the World.  The piece is a series of images of families posing with their week of groceries from all around the world.  It is SO fascinating to look at the composition of those groceries.

It got me thinking…what would my week of groceries look like?  So far, I would have bread, peanut butter, green juice, oatmeal, grapes, apples, vegetable soup, sushi, granola bars, coffee, milk, wine.  Not terrible, but CLEARLY lacking in vegetables.  I get a few in every day, but not as much as I would like.  Aaaaand we here are full circle: I need to bring my lunch to work.  I don’t know why that is so difficult for me!

I made a list of mini-goals to combat this issue:

1.  Go to the grocery store on Monday and get food for the week.  No more of this eating on the fly and stopping at the grocery store to get a few things here and there.

2.  Buy vegetables that last longer, like carrots, cucumbers, and broccoli that can accompany a pita pocket sandwich.  I’ve been digging pita pocket sandwiches with ham or turkey for lunch, but I need to bring a side of vegetables.

3.  Aim to eat veggies at both lunch and dinner.  Sounds so simple!

4.  For dinners, concentrate on quinoa/brown rice with sauteed vegetables & chicken.  Tasty!


What food group is your weekly grocery list lacking?

Thankful Thursday

I read a lot of blogs that include elements of gratitude.  I also read one of those “100 Things Happy People Do” (I am choosing not to share the list because it’s annoying) that pointed out how taking time to reflect on the wonderful things in your life will make you happier.  That I believe.  You can thank me later for paraphrasing the entire list into the one point that was helpful.

So back to my point, today I’m trying out my Gratitude List.  I woke up feeling alive and thankful, so it’s fitting.  I won’t be offended if you pass on this entry – it’s about to get all gushy up in this joint.

1.  My Family – I have the best family.  I’m sure yours is great, but mine is just awesome.  I’m kidding (sort of).  I am so thankful to have five siblings and two parents whose love and support carries me through everything.  AND, my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins rock. 

2.  FW – What a man! How this smart, funny, handsome man ended up in my life I’ll never know.  But I am so glad he did, because he is the best.

3.  My Friends – Suffice it to say, they enrich my life more than they probably know.

4.  My Health/Running – I have not always been able to count on my health, but I am soooo thankful to be healthy and able to run the smart way.

5.  Coffee – this is getting pretty heavy, so let’s not forget how thankful I am for my cup of coffee every morning!!



What are YOU thankful for?





Pleasant Surprises

Last night I ran to LC’s house for our weekly pasta dinner.  I had mapped it out to be between 7 and 8 miles, but it turned out to be 10 miles!  Gross underestimation on my part.  It was such a great run though – despite the big purple backpack on my back – the weather was perfect and there was a slight breeze the whole time.  Here are my splits:

ImageNow, we all know I’m not the most consistent runner these days.  But I will say that since I was running mostly on sidewalks, these are not accurate.  There were a fair amount of pedestrians to avoid and lights to wait for.  Since I did not have auto-pause on (my phone is dying a slow death and can only handle so much), these times include the time I stood still at lights.

I was SO surprised when I looked down at the app (around mile 7) and realized that I had run some sub 8 minute miles – I honestly did not know that I was capable of that!  And with a backpack on, no less!  I can’t comment too much on the rest, because I have no idea which splits are more accurate than others.  Doesn’t really matter though.  I ran a solid 10 miles and my ankle was fine and I had fun.  Can’t ask for much more!

I did my shakeout run this AM because I needed to clear my head, and that was a slow run.  Definitely a run-as-slow-as-possible-but-still-run workout.  I’m cool with it.


How was your run today?




10 Tips For Fitting In Exercise

Let’s face it: we lead busy lives.  And while some days it’s easy to fit in exercise, it also the activity that tends to get the boot on busy days.  I like to run in the mornings because I find it peaceful, but it is also a guarantee that it won’t get cut from my busy schedule.  Things come up during the day that we can’t plan for: you don’t get out of work on time, someone asks you to drinks/dinner, your family needs you, you forgot to go to the grocery store…the list goes on and on.  Based on my own experiences, I have compiled 10 tips that help me keep up with my exercises.  Hope they help!

Stick to workout schedule

1.  Plan out your workouts.  To the best of your ability, look at your schedule ahead of time.  I like to plan out my workouts on Sunday based on what social/work events I have planned.

2.  Be flexible.  Things will pop on your schedule that you didn’t know about on Sunday – have alternate times that work for you.  Know that some workouts may need to be moved around, and have some alternative slots carved out.  Don’t let the change throw your flow!

3.  Wake up an hour earlier.  As I said above, working out in the morning is a way to ensure that your exercise gets done, no matter what happens during the day.  Remember, if you’re getting up earlier, it will be easier if you go to bed earlier!

4.  Utilize your lunch hour.  Ah, the elusive lunch hour.  Like most people, I rarely take my lunch breaks.  But you ARE entitled to it.  And if your day is extra busy, use that hour to go to the gym or go for a walk.  I sometimes dash to the gym for a 5k on the treadmill on busy days.

5.  Socialize during exercise.  Instead of going out for dinner with friends, invite them on a run/walk/hike.  You still get to socialize, you get your exercise in, and the best part is, you have some wonderful time to chat and catch up.  I also will call my sisters during shakeout runs; it keeps me from running too fast, and I enjoy the “company”.

6.  Turn your commute into exercise.   If you live in a city, try lengthening the walking portion of your commute.  Walk to work or walk to a train station that is further from your apartment or work.  Even adding 30 minutes of walking to your day is beneficial.

7.  Shorten your workout.  Sometimes, there is just not enough time in the day.  If you planned a long workout and only have time for a short one, don’t stress.  Even a short workout is better than none.

8.  Combine your errands and exercise.  If you have errands to do, turn it into a workout.  You can run, walk, or ride your bike to the stores you need to hit.  You can even arrange a pickup or take the subway back to your home if you have too much carry.

9.  Be realistic.  There are some days when you just have to let it go.  Recognize these days, adjust your weekly schedule, and move on.  It is not worth stressing over.

10.  Find a workout that is fun.  If you find a type of exercise that you enjoy, you are more likely to make room for it.  Forcing yourself to do something you hate is going to be a constant battle.  Join a team or a club, take classes, or build routines at the gym that you like.


How do you fit in your exercise?



Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I am SO happy and excited it’s Friday.  It’s been a fantastic week, and now I’m headed to NC for CD’s 30th Birthday Party!  And by party, I mean extravaganza.  It’s going to be bananas.  And I can’t wait!

Now for my Friday Favorites:

1.  Favorite way to drink coffee:


(Thanks NS for the mug-I still love it!)

2.  Favorite Moment:

Image(Paul Pierce playing for the Brooklyn Nets)

3.  Favorite Dessert:


(Disgustingly good: a doughnut filled with peanut butter ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and heath bar chunks)

4.  Favorite Fall Decoration:

ImageCredit: birdietobe.blogspot.jp

5.  Favorite Inspiration:

Image(Thanks for the inspirational pin, CP!)


Have a great weekend everyone!



Girls on the Run

Foggy morning run!  I did another 5miler around the Reservoir, and felt strong.  I hit a ton of sidewalk traffic on the way back, so I’m going to need to set out a bit earlier.  I find it frustrating to be getting stuck behind people and their dogs (who are super cute) when I’m trying to finish strong.  Any sympathizers?

Foggy Run

Last night I attended a New Volunteers Meet & Greet for Girls on the Run.  For those of you who don’t know, Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization that uses running as a way to ” inspire and motivate girls, encourage lifelong health and fitness, and build confidence through accomplishment”.   There are two 5k races per year, and coaches help their teams to prepare for and participate in the race.  The organization requires a heavy volunteer base: they need “buddies” for the runners in the races, coaches, committee heads, and special events volunteers to help run the actual event.  Another sector of the organization is the “Sole Mates” program, which is the adult athlete component.  As a Sole Mate, you pledge to run a race/triathlon and to raise money for Girls on the Run.  Girls on the Run secures spots in special races (NYC Marathon and half), but you also have the freedom to choose your own.

GOTRWhen I was in grad school, one of my running buddies was involved as a coach.  I thought it was such a great program, and vowed to volunteer once I graduated.  Graduation came and went, and I forgot.  Recently, my girl NP (I used to be her nanny) ran her first 5k!  I was SO proud of her and it prompted me to renew that vow.  So here I am, a volunteer of Girls on the Run!  Color me excited!

I signed up to be in the Sole Mates Committee.  The committee is in charge of providing all the support services for the runners: fundraising tips, organizing group runs and social events, outreach, and recruitment.  It is a small committee, with a lot of work to do!   I am so, so excited to be a part of this organization and in particular, this committee.

If you are interested in learning more, getting involved and/or donating, visit their website here.  You can learn about the organization generally, as well as be directed to a location near you.  As a runner and a girl, I can speak to the opportunities and self-esteem boost that running provides.  I encourage you to check it out!