Friday Favorites

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I’m jumping on board the Blogging Bandwagon and doing “Friday Favorites”.  Fashion will be reassigned, don’t you worry.

1.  Favorite Cartoon Image:

Credit:  TopMan Generation

 If you’re not obsessed with Breaking Bad, (you should be!) this might not make your list.  If it does, you can see more here.

2.  Favorite Run of the Week:


3.   Favorite Animal Pic:

Baby elephant is so cute hope you like it like I do so cute!
4.  Favorite Bootie:

Rag & Bone Harrow Waxed Suede Ankle Boot in Clay.  See details here
5.  Favorite Quote:

 What’s on your Friday Favorites list?

Happy Friday People!



A Whole Lot of Changes

Welcome back! If you haven’t been here in a while, you haven’t missed much.  I’ve obviously made a few changes and neglected to write a few posts. I’m not completely sold on the colors and/or fonts, but it’ll do for now.  It’s kind of like rearranging a room; it feels so good to move your furniture but takes a bit to settle in.

So that’s the first change.  Second change: food.  Food, food, food…will always be a thorn in my side.  Yes, I can eat a delicious meal that someone else prepared for me and love absolutely every bite of it.  In fact, I do that quite a bit.  But preparing my own food?  Sigh.  It is such a big hurdle for me to plan meals, go to the grocery store, cook the meals, then eat them.  But alas, I realize if I am going to be a functioning adult I must tackle this.  Must.  I have running mantras to help me through tough runs; I think I need to find a cooking mantra.  Any ideas?

Last night, I put on my big girl panties and went to the grocery store.  I left with four items, only three of which are culinary: pre-cooked Perdue chicken cutlets, bag of baby carrots, bag of sugar-snap peas, and toothpaste.  Nearly – epic fail.  Firstly, Perdue cooks those cutlets so while it’s convenient to prepare in the microwave, it’s not the best bang for my buck.  Secondly, sugar-snap peas and carrots are definitely delicious, but a meal they do not make.  Lastly, I am very proud I remembered toothpaste.  That situation was desperate.

So if you’re wondering, yes I had a chicken cutlet and carrots and sugar-snap peas for dinner and I will be eating that the rest of this week.  Better than peanut butter on crackers which is what I had the night prior.  Next week I intend to do better.  Perhaps a list would help steer me in the right direction.  As my sister says, “if you see a recipe you like, just try it”.  Recipes and lists.  That’s my new plan.

My run today will be with the Niketown Running Club.  I’m not sure what tonight’s workout is, but it’s usually around 4-6 miles, sometimes with speedwork mixed in.  I don’t go every week, but I love running in the park and this group is a great way to get a higher intensity workout and add variety to a weekly run.  I tend to run harder when I run with others than I do when I’m solo; similar to the effect of running a race.  Other runners’ speeds encourage me to pick up mine!

Whew. That was a whole lot of business.  I promise I will get back to including some laughs.  Hope you are all having a good week!


Breaking the Silence

Readers! Hi.

I have been neglecting the blog recently, and I apologize.  Things have been crazy (I moved into a new apt, ’nuff said).   And I’ll be honest: I was feeling uninspired.  I started this blog in the hopes of writing mostly about running, and then BAM! Broken ankle.  Figures.

Anyway, I’m turning that frown upside down.  I went to the doctor last week, and I’m happy to report he is weaning me off the boot!  Last week I was allowed to walk around the house without the boot.  This week I can take the boot off at home and at work.  Next week, I ditch the boot completely.  Woo!  Today is day two of a bootless work day, and I have noticed a few problems with my foot/ankle.  In case you’re curious, this is what happens when you start walking after letting all muscles your atrophy:

  • I cannot point my toes at all.  As an ex-gymnast, this is a very strange phenomenon.
  • The joint cracks constantly.  And it hurts. But preventing it from cracking hurts more.  Guess a lot of air built up my joints?  PT friends, help me out here!
  • The bottom of my foot is so stiff.  It feels like one of those super thick rubber bands that have no give.  You can imagine what walking looks/feels like.
  • Swelling.  Yup, still gets swollen at night.  This does not bode well for all the physical activity I imagine myself doing.

I will obviously be doing physical therapy.  Next appointment is at the end of the month, including x-rays to make sure everything healed properly.   It will be a relief to be a) done with the boot and b) working with a PT to get myself active again.  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not doing so hot with this no-exercise thing.

I have continued to do my core work: a mix of planks (as possible), scissors, v-ups, bicycle crunches, and pushups.  I am determined to to keep the rest of me strong so that when I start exercising my legs, I will be able to hit the ground running.  Pun intended.

Since I last wrote, I’ve had a few great salads for lunch.  Here is a sampling:

Clearly homemade.

Quick salad from Pret.  Comes with tons of lettuce.

I used about 1/20th of this dressing.  But it was yummy.

I have not reached 100% success rate, but I’m getting much better at eating vegetables for lunch and bringing my own salads to work.  I tend not to take photos because they are not nearly as pretty as the bought salads!

I will leave you with summer city scenes and a kitty pic. 

Hope you are all having a good week!



“Fashion Friday” sounds better, but I’m thinking about fashion every day, so why not discuss it today?!  I am a hesitant Pinterest user…all this pinning of things I like doesn’t do me much good.  BUT I was looking for a way to organize some of my fashion wishlist items, and so I created a board.  It actually worked really well.  It’s private on Pinterest, but I will share with you what I’m lusting after.

First on my list are two pairs of jeans from JBrand.  It’s high time I sprung for a nice pair of jeans.  My stylist, CCJ, loves the coated black skinnies and I’m thinking they’d be a great addition to my wardrobe.


Coated black skinnies

White skinny jeans

These hot pink shoes because…I don’t think I need to explain why.  They speak for themselves.  Oh, and they can be found at Sole Society.

Then this ring, because my hands need some bling and this is super fun.  Although this is last on my list because it is not a necessity.  It’s a Juicy Couture ring.

I’m on a pink kick, but I have wanted this Rebecca Minkoff bag for a while.  I think it would be so fun for the summer!  All I have are black bags; even an NYC girl needs some color!
 I have been seriously eying this tweed Moto jacket.  Isn’t it fab? 
Another necessity is this basic white tee from Rag & Bone: also on recommendation from CCJ.   All my white tees currently have disgusting stains and look like I should be wearing to do manual labor.

That’s my fashion wishlist items for today.  Because online shopping is SO addictive and impulsive, my strategy is this: I mark the items I want and wait a week or two before purchasing.  If I still really want or need the items (and can afford them), then I buy it.  This prevents me from being click happy and purchasing items I really don’t need.

What’s on your fashion wish list?



I Heart Sundays

My whole young adult-adult life I have hated Sundays.  I always felt so lonely, and dreaded what the week would bring.  (I obviously wasn’t as happy with my life as I am now.)  But NOW, now I love Sundays.  I love going for brunch, bopping around the city doing errands, catching up with people…I find it so pleasant.  And today is one of those great Sundays.

Yesterday I felt extremely trapped and depressed about not being able to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It’s hard for me to see everyone with their race #’s pinned their shirts, or going for runs with their friends…but today I put that aside.  I got up, made myself purdy, and went for brunch with CCJ.  We sat outside, laughed, caught up, and enjoy some delicious brunch food.

Don’t worry, I fixed that fly away after taking this pic.

Mmmm coffee & a mimosa.

Last night, FW surprised me with some treats to cheer me up.  I ❤ popcorn.  We have an almost daily argument about whether I can eat popcorn for dinner.  I lose.  Every time.

It’s popcorn made by Quinn!!

On deck tonight: dinner with FW and Game of Thrones.  Great way to wrap up the weekend.

Well, I just made a blog post out of nothing.  What exciting things did you all do this weekend?!

AQ. xxx

Beautiful Day For A…Drive?

Today is an incredibly beautiful day!  I just can’t get over it.  I will admit, I was feel a bit down last night and this morning.  But FW woke me up and got me outside and my spirits went right up!  Amazing how powerful sunlight is!

Despite dreaming about running races slash wanting to lace up my running shoes and run the length of Manhattan, I had a very nice time going for a drive.  (We went for pizza in Brooklyn, yum.)   Thanks to opening the sunroof and putting down the windows, I felt the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.  Second best to a run on a beautiful day.  
Here are a few highlights:
FDR view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Downtown.

I want to live here.
Last but not least…the most beautiful park:

Ah, green grass!

Well, not much else is going on in my world of healing.  My doctor will check my progress and determine tomorrow whether I can go back to work on Wednesday.  I’m sure it will all be good news; it’s feeling a lot better and the pain is way down.

Last thought: I’m reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and you all should too (if you haven’t already).
Please please go on runs in the beautiful weather for me!  I will live vicariously through you all 🙂

Bulls Eye!

Hello there!

It’s a cold and windy day in NYC which just makes me want to cuddle up with a book!  I love to read.  Did I mention that?  I’m currently reading An Outrageous Affair by Penny Vincenzi, and it is fantastic.  Full of drama, love, sex, affairs, strong women…all set in England, New York City, and Hollywood in the 1950’s. Such a juicy read.

My run yesterday was awesome.  I had been reading NYC Running Mama where she was talking about the  mental component of speed.  She made the great point that what holds us back the most is our mind; our bodies can keep up.  I have been stuck in the 8:30-9:00 minute mile for a while a now.  We’re talking years.  So yesterday, I decided to see what I could do.  I put the treadmill at 8:00 minute miles, and ran for 2.0 miles.  At certain points, I could feel my mind wanting to slow down, but I didn’t allow myself to touch the speed button.  Actually, I did, but that’s because I sped up to 7:45 for the last half mile.  I had to stop at 2.0 miles because the abs class was starting.  But I felt AMAZING.  I had pushed through that “speed barrier” that I thought I wasn’t strong enough for.  It was awesome.  I then killed my abs in my Abs Express class, and ran a mile for cool down.  It was one of those epic nights at the gym.  I was egg-sauce-ted.  Apologies for the bad joke.

My post-gym plan was to shower, get into my sweats, eat a delicious salad, and climb into bed with said book.  Only one of those things happened; any guesses which one??

Yup, you guessed it!  The delicious salad.  Tuna fish with olive oil and carrots on mixed greens with salt & pepper.  YUM.  I tried to take a pic, and it just looked gross.  So I’d rather you imagined that what I ate looked like this:

I didn’t have tomatoes, because I need to go grocery shopping like woah.  But you get the picture; pun intended.

Now for the most EPIC part of my evening.  My boyfriend, who from hereon out will be referred to as “FW”, recently bought a bow.  Yes, I’m talking bow as in “bow and arrow”.  So we went to pick it up last night, and guess who got a lesson and kicked ass at archery?  This girl.  I was in my running clothes, naturally, and a side braid; they even let me use the pink bow to match my pink running top.  You can all call me Katniss from now on.  This is what I looked like:

Not really.  But actually kind of?  She’s got good form, although I don’t believe she has pulled the bow back far off.  You have to “hit your target” everytime, meaning pull your arm all the way back so that your hand sits right below your ear, and the string hits your nose.  You then line up these two little eyes with the x on the target and release the arrow.  It surprisingly goes where you aim!  I was talking to one of the owners about how I was a natural and he commented that everyone surprises themselves by how good they are on their first day.  I guess I’m not so special.  What I did find out to be true was that the muscles required for shooting are not muscles that you use EVER.  I got further and further away from the bulls eye as my arms got more tired.  Guess I need to go again and beef up those muscles!

My laugh for the day yesterday was the fact that I put my hear in a side braid to go shooting.  I mean, I’m obsessed with J-Law, but I actually didn’t intend to impersonate Katniss.  FW and I had a pretty good laugh!

Question: How do you move past speed barriers?