Insane in the Membrane

Today has been INSANE.  INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE.  Within an hour of waking, I was overwhelmed and bogged down.  I have been drinking coffee all day trying to keep up!

Last night’s plans got changed all around. I got home late, could not find my sports bra (still cannot) so I wore one of those tanks with a “built in bra” and felt totally naked.  I arrived late to the gym and didn’t have the 25 minutes for my speed workout before the abs class started.  But I digress.

After much suspense on your part I’m sure, I will reveal that I choose speed workout #1!

Try and contain your emotions. You’re overwhelming me with your excitement.

I actually found that these speeds need to be adjusted for me (quite the shock!).  Also, I wanted to spend more time sprinting like a crazy person, so I did 6 of set #4 and 2 of sets #1-3.  I was too scared to try 10mph so I did 9.5mph.  I cannot believe that anyone runs that distance for more than 30 seconds.  Oh right, I also did them for 30 seconds each instead of 15.  See how scatterbrained I am today?


I was absolutely STARVING when I got home.  I have been starving all week actually.  So naturally I ate a huge ham and cheese sandwich in a pita pocket with lots of raw broccoli and carrots.  But I was still hungry.  (Name that book!) I went by myself to 16 Handles.  This might be a new low for me.  And everyone definitely looked at me like I was a freak.  Although then the man in front of me was just spooning all the toppings into his hand and eating them, so then he was the freak.


Peanut butter fro-yo topped with all things peanut butter. Naughty naughty.

Please tell me your day is going more smoothly than mine!  What was your workout today?  Any splurges last night to make me feel better about mine?!?


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