What a Weekend!

What a weekend!

Saturday started with a Girls on the Run Pre-Marathon Breakfast for the Sole Mates who were running on Sunday.  We offered bagels and coffee (kindly donated by Pick-A-Bagel on 77th & Lex) and words of encouragement! It was great to meet some of the Sole Mates and talk about all things running!

After the breakfast, I was off to the orchards!  Apple picking commenced at Lawrence Farm Orchards with LG and AN.  We were a tad late in the apple picking season so there weren’t thousands of apples to choose from, but we got a nice couple pounds of yellow delicious and empire apples.  We even got apple cider donuts and hot apple cider from their cute little store!  I’m pretty sure it’s a family run business and it completely delivered on the “let’s go pick apples and do fun fall things” idea.



When we returned to the city, we took over FW’s beautiful kitchen and made apple crisp, a delicious dinner, and applesauce.  It was an epic fall day, it really was.


Sunday morning FINALLY arrived and it was time for the New York City Marathon!  I went out in the morning by myself; I was feeling a bit emotional about being back in the running community and wanted some solo time to reflect.  I went out to First Ave (miles 17-18) and watched for a few hours as the wheel chair athletes and professional men and women passed by.  I was so inspired and in awe of these athletes.

IMG_1518 IMG_1521 IMG_1529 IMG_1531 IMG_1543 Those elite runners are so fast, it’s hard to capture them!.  Amazing.

I then proceeded to throw on a few more layers (it was WINDY as I’m sure the runners will say!) and headed to meet up with the Girls on the Run cheering squad.  There I watched more runners and cheered them on.  It’s so fun and inspiring to see everyone run by, with such looks of determination and dedication on their faces.  I love that most people put their names on the shirts now; it’s so fun to cheer for people by name and see them light up and smile when you do!  I know from experience that just one person telling you you’re doing great can make all the difference.


Sporting my GOTR t-shirt and sunglasses.


First Ave, miles 17-18.

I am loving reading everyone’s race recaps in the blog world!  Being there and feeling the excitement all around the city has made me want to run it again.  I’ve run 4 marathons, and it remains my absolute favorite.  And this morning, I ran around the park in honor of those who ran yesterday.  Congrats to all of you!

Did you spectate?  Did you run?  Tell me about it!


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