Friday Favorites

I am sorry for the one sided post that is about to happen here.  But these pictures of my two nephews (who live in Hawaii!) are my Friday Favorites:

Nephews Khiam3 Nephews2 Khiam4

How could I possibly find something I like better today than these pictures?  And I have to point out that my Mum made the little guy’s costume!  She didn’t make his Daddy’s though, that one’s real 🙂

Just a reminder that today is the beginning of Pile on the Miles so head over to RunEatRepeat and sign up!  And if you sign up, you can enter a give away for a box of Quest bars.  Double win!

Also, if you’re in NYC, get out there and cheer on the marathoners on Sunday!  I will be at the Girls on the Run station at 103rd & 1st.  Come by and say hi!

Happy Friday!

Anyone running on Sunday?


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I can’t believe your mum actually made your nephew’s costume! That’s amazing! When I was his age my mum made me a cat costume mainly out of bin bags so needless to say it did NOT look as good as his! lol

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