Good vs. Bad Runs

Today was probably the first day out of oh, I don’t know, ONE HUNDRED that I did not immediately check the weather & temp on my phone upon waking.  I threw on my capris and pink running jacket with thumb holes (I have GOT to get another one of these and change up the outfit)  and flew out the door.  As soon as I was out there, I saw a girl run by in shorts and a t-shirt and I knew I was screwed.  You guys, I had a terrible run.

I feel bad saying that! I really want to sit here and tell you that every run I go on is magical, filled with sparkles and butterflies.  But it’s not.  And today it was bad.  With a capital B.  I was SO hot, in that stuffy, overdressed kind of way, and I kept having to stop and take sips of water at the fountains.   My legs would not move.  I had set out to do 5, but instead I capped it at a little over 4.  Enough is enough.

I did take some pictures though:

West Side HighwayWater fountain

Most days, I have fantastic runs and I come home feeling refreshed and energized.  But every run can’t be a good one.  So I take the bad ones with a grain of salt; tomorrow is another chance to redeem myself.

On a totally different note, I signed up via RunEatRepeat for “Pile on the Miles”.  It’s an initiative to reach an exercise goal of your choosing during the month of November, to avoid the holiday slump.  There are weekly check-ins to track your progress.  I set a goal to run 100 miles.  You should join!  Head over to her blog to sign up!




Are you dressing up tonight?  FW and I are watching a scary movie while enjoying some candy 🙂


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