Tuesday Rambles

This morning I went on my usual 5 miler around the Reservoir.  Of course, I stayed in bed for 10 minutes too long perusing the interwebs in efforts to wake myself up.  When I got out there, I really went for it, or thought I went for it.  Perhaps I was too cocky after I realized in my 10 miler that I am in fact capable of running a sub -8:00 minute mile.  Either way, I was pretty surprised when I looked at my splits:

splits2It’s fine, I ran slowly today.  But it is interesting to note that I thought I was running “fast” (it’s all relative) when in reality, I was doing a “take it easy” pace.  My body must have been feeling some sort of way.  Perhaps it’s because I didn’t give it time to wake up?  I hope I learn soon that giving myself extra time in the morning will really improve my quality of life.  And quality of runs, probably.


He even looks cute when he’s blurry!

Last night I got to FaceTime with MQ and my cute lil nephew Khiam.  He is such a riot – always looking for something new to learn!  We got play to peek-a-boo via FaceTime and he started mocking our laughing, which pretty much made my day.  Nay, made my week.  I’m obsessed.  I tried to snap a pic of adorable face, but he wouldn’t stay still.  Typical 🙂

How was your night?  Did you have a good workout this morning?


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