Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I wouldn’t be a New Englander if I didn’t comment on the weather.  So chilly and brisk out this morning!  I liked it.  I’m sure I’ll eat my words come February when all I want to do is feel the warm sun on my bikini-clad body.  But for now, it feels refreshing 🙂  Now, onto Friday Favorites!

Favorite Read

magazineIt’s filled with spooky, scary stories for the Halloween edition!  Anyone else obsessed with the New Yorker?

Favorite Outfit


I am all about the layers this season!  I love Paige jeans.  They are tight and comfortable, AND I usually find them at Nordstrom Rack.  Check them out here!

Favorite Run

Runpic210-miler from Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Wiliamsburg Bridge.

Favorite Find

dry shampooDrybar Dry Shampoo – $20 at Sephora.  Smells good and it works.  Get it here!

Favorite Laugh

You’re welcome for that.


Have a great weekend!






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