Pleasant Surprises

Last night I ran to LC’s house for our weekly pasta dinner.  I had mapped it out to be between 7 and 8 miles, but it turned out to be 10 miles!  Gross underestimation on my part.  It was such a great run though – despite the big purple backpack on my back – the weather was perfect and there was a slight breeze the whole time.  Here are my splits:

ImageNow, we all know I’m not the most consistent runner these days.  But I will say that since I was running mostly on sidewalks, these are not accurate.  There were a fair amount of pedestrians to avoid and lights to wait for.  Since I did not have auto-pause on (my phone is dying a slow death and can only handle so much), these times include the time I stood still at lights.

I was SO surprised when I looked down at the app (around mile 7) and realized that I had run some sub 8 minute miles – I honestly did not know that I was capable of that!  And with a backpack on, no less!  I can’t comment too much on the rest, because I have no idea which splits are more accurate than others.  Doesn’t really matter though.  I ran a solid 10 miles and my ankle was fine and I had fun.  Can’t ask for much more!

I did my shakeout run this AM because I needed to clear my head, and that was a slow run.  Definitely a run-as-slow-as-possible-but-still-run workout.  I’m cool with it.


How was your run today?





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