Fashion Friday

I forgot to shower this morning.

Yup, just plain old forgot.  I didn’t have coffee when I got up (obviously) and just neglected to get in the shower, despite that being my routine EVERY SINGLE MORNING OF MY LIFE.  This does not say good things about the state of my mind.

Since I forgot to shower, I also forgot to take pictures for “Fashion Friday”.  I wear my favorite outfits on Friday; does anyone else do that too?  Today, I threw on my old standby – gray sweater dress from Victoria Secret (similar) and Nine West flats (similar).  I love these loafers.  And wearing a sweater dress is like staying in your pajamas all day.  Oh yeah, I added some bling from H&M to spruce it up (similar and similar).  Please ignore the fact that the below pictures had to be taken in the bathroom at my office, hence the yellow tint and paper towel dispenser. PHOTO FAIL.

I swear my chin doesn’t usually look that gross.

Any big weekend plans?  I’m off to Boston to help my sister CQ find a wedding dress!  Shopping day #2 and we are feeling very encouraged.  Helps when you’re a little beauty that looks great in everything šŸ™‚  Hopefully this time we can squeeze in a run – it’s on old pastime of ours to run the streets of Cambridge.

Happy Friday!



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