Niketown Running Club wore me out last night!  Usually I know the workouts ahead of time because it helps with my weekly planning.  But I was in the dark about last night. Upon arrival, I found out we were doing speed work.  Which I was actually excited about.  Then they announced this would be done via HILLS.  I do speed work and I do hills, but I do them separately.  Until now.

We started with a warm-up of about 1.5 miles which landed us at the bottom of a medium-sized hill.  Our job was to sprint up the hill then recover on the downhill (which was about twice as long as the uphill) for a given amount of time.  I chose the 20 minute group (choices were 10 and 30 minutes), and I’m glad I did.  After 7 of those I was spent.  I had a great cool down back to the start for a total of 4.6 miles.  It was a fantastically challenging workout – I would have a hard time forcing myself to sprint up a hill on my own, but with the other runners and coaches cheering me on, I really gave it my all.

Tonight is my abs class, and I usually pair it with speed work, but looks like that is going to be a recovery run.  These legs need a shake out!

This is my laugh for the day…and I laughed a LOT.  #ican’tstoplaughing. #enjoy!



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