Turning Off My Watch

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!  I cannot get over just how lovely it is.  Fall is definitely in the air, and I’m finally okay with it.  I love fall but always feel incredibly sad when the summer is over.  Especially this summer.  This summer was extra great.

I don’t know about you, but my September/October schedule is filling up pretty gosh darn fast.  With good things, of course!  But I will be a busy lady.  Lots of big birthdays [ahem I’m turning 30 in October], visitors, and bridal showers!  Will be fantastic.  So this past weekend I took it easy, and recovered from my week of fatigue.

I was so tired last week, I could not stop sleeping and/or falling asleep.  My allergies kicked in, so it could have been that.  It could have been that August kicked my butt.  It could have been that I’ve been traveling like a crazy person.  Whatever the reason, I was exhausted.  I managed to get in 4/5 runs.  Not perfect, and unlike me to skip a run…but the new, logical voice in my head reminded me that worse things have happened.  WAY WORSE things have happened than skipping one 3 mile run. 

It became clear on my runs last week that speed was not a wise way to measure my effort.  Frustrated with my pace, and the fact that my Garmin is going bananas, I decided to relax and stay in tune with my body.  And what did my body tell me?  That it was tired.  My muscles were stiff and heavy and my breathing felt labored (likely allergies).  So I gave my body a break and just ran as slowly as I wanted to.  I have no idea what pace I ran, but the funny thing is that I got back around the same time I usually do.  Sometimes just letting yourself go a natural pace is necessary.

I feel enthused for my runs this week, so I’m guessing I did something right.

What do you do when you feel fatigued?  Do you skip the run altogether or push through it?



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