Finally Friday!

Aren’t short weeks always the longest?  You’d think they would just fly by; quite the opposite in my experience.

This morning I had to literally tear myself out of my super comfortable bed.  It was the perfect temperature in my room, my pillows were in just the right spot, I was sprawled in just the right position.  Picture Goldilocks finding the right bed. I never sleep as well as I do than when I need to get up.  Saturdays? I’m tossing and turning all night.  But 5-7am during the week I sleep like a baby.  My life must be pretty great if this is all I have to gripe about.

 After extracting myself from my bed, I went outside for a beautiful shake out run.  My quads were feeling it from Wednesday’s workout.  It was gorgeous out.  A true fall morning – brisk but sunny, perfect for running capris and a tank (similar).  I left my watch and entertainment at home, and ran along the water taking in the sights and feeling my legs relax.  Not too shabby.

New Yorkers, are you all caught up in the buzz of Fashion Week?  I so wish I could be there.  Second best though, I’ve caught a few shows streaming live.  This afternoon is Rebecca Minkoff, my favorite!  

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful weekend!



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