Monday Rambles

Happy Monday!  How was everyone’s weekend?  I hope you got to enjoy the beautiful weather, because man-oh-man it was beautiful.

I was in Cambridge, MA to help my sister find a wedding dress!  This was our second and third appointment, and I have to say, we really nailed it.  She picked out the most beautiful dress.  It helps that she looks great in everything.  But she really found a dress that makes her shine!

I came back to the city early on Sunday to help FW move…and we’re still working on unpacking.  Moving is the worst.  But his new apartment is the BEST.  So it works.  I am SO tired, but I have so many exciting things going on, that it’s turning that tiredness into excited, hyper energy.  Does that ever happen to anyone else?  October is going to be such a fun and crazy month, I might just sleep through November…

You all know I don’t work out on Mondays.  This morning I thought I’d give it try, but when my alarm went off, I said to FW “No way in hell am I running right now” and slept for another hour.  I’m a peach when I’m tired.  So when I got to work, and I was filled with guilt and regret, I decided to go the gym during my lunch break.  I managed to get in a 3.05 mile run (26:16), shower, grab lunch, and get back to the office in an hour.  Are you impressed?  I am.  Although I probably won’t be making a habit of it, it’s good to know that if I’m in a pinch I can squeeze it in.

Also, I ran with the “Virtual Active” screen on – you choose a region of the US and then you get a virtual run through those parts.  It was nice to have something pretty to look at (I was in Arizona), but at some points I had to look down because I was SO dizzy.  It actually knocked off my balance a bit; be warned!

I think that’s enough rambling for today.  Not a bad Monday!



Fashion Friday

I forgot to shower this morning.

Yup, just plain old forgot.  I didn’t have coffee when I got up (obviously) and just neglected to get in the shower, despite that being my routine EVERY SINGLE MORNING OF MY LIFE.  This does not say good things about the state of my mind.

Since I forgot to shower, I also forgot to take pictures for “Fashion Friday”.  I wear my favorite outfits on Friday; does anyone else do that too?  Today, I threw on my old standby – gray sweater dress from Victoria Secret (similar) and Nine West flats (similar).  I love these loafers.  And wearing a sweater dress is like staying in your pajamas all day.  Oh yeah, I added some bling from H&M to spruce it up (similar and similar).  Please ignore the fact that the below pictures had to be taken in the bathroom at my office, hence the yellow tint and paper towel dispenser. PHOTO FAIL.

I swear my chin doesn’t usually look that gross.

Any big weekend plans?  I’m off to Boston to help my sister CQ find a wedding dress!  Shopping day #2 and we are feeling very encouraged.  Helps when you’re a little beauty that looks great in everything 🙂  Hopefully this time we can squeeze in a run – it’s on old pastime of ours to run the streets of Cambridge.

Happy Friday!


Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


I got lost and was late to my early morning meeting-terrible way to start the day.  I  got off at the wrong subway stop in Long Island City and to run/walk two miles.  TWO MILES.  Pretty hair begone.  And in case you don’t know, LIC is NOT a grid.  For example, 33rd street intersects with 31st? I don’t know.  I already forget.  In fact, I don’t care to remember because I’m still so cranky about being late to my meeting.  Sorry friends who live in LIC, I’ll be nice again tomorrow.

For some reason my morning sent me into a tailspin.  Next I was questioning every aspect of my life – okay mostly my career.  But it felt like every aspect.  I concluded that I am a) directionless and b) goal-less. (Note to self:  write career goals to then present to CCJ.)  Before I knew it, this tailspin landed me on where I decided to take an “Employee Archetype” questionnaire.  Great idea! I thought I would FINALLY be able to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  Care to venture a guess on what it suggested?

Wrong.  I know you’re all wrong, because what they suggested was this:  be on a committee.  Seriously? Be on a committee is what they suggest?  To their benefit they continued on, after describing how I’m an “Every person’s person” to list the following options: construction, materials manager, building maintenance and security, and HR.  Awesome.  I am totally in the right field.

Alas, I don’t even have the skills to be in construction or building maintenance, although maybe I should think about a career change…

Hope your day was better than mine!



Niketown Running Club wore me out last night!  Usually I know the workouts ahead of time because it helps with my weekly planning.  But I was in the dark about last night. Upon arrival, I found out we were doing speed work.  Which I was actually excited about.  Then they announced this would be done via HILLS.  I do speed work and I do hills, but I do them separately.  Until now.

We started with a warm-up of about 1.5 miles which landed us at the bottom of a medium-sized hill.  Our job was to sprint up the hill then recover on the downhill (which was about twice as long as the uphill) for a given amount of time.  I chose the 20 minute group (choices were 10 and 30 minutes), and I’m glad I did.  After 7 of those I was spent.  I had a great cool down back to the start for a total of 4.6 miles.  It was a fantastically challenging workout – I would have a hard time forcing myself to sprint up a hill on my own, but with the other runners and coaches cheering me on, I really gave it my all.

Tonight is my abs class, and I usually pair it with speed work, but looks like that is going to be a recovery run.  These legs need a shake out!

This is my laugh for the day…and I laughed a LOT.  #ican’tstoplaughing. #enjoy!


A Whole Lot of Changes

Welcome back! If you haven’t been here in a while, you haven’t missed much.  I’ve obviously made a few changes and neglected to write a few posts. I’m not completely sold on the colors and/or fonts, but it’ll do for now.  It’s kind of like rearranging a room; it feels so good to move your furniture but takes a bit to settle in.

So that’s the first change.  Second change: food.  Food, food, food…will always be a thorn in my side.  Yes, I can eat a delicious meal that someone else prepared for me and love absolutely every bite of it.  In fact, I do that quite a bit.  But preparing my own food?  Sigh.  It is such a big hurdle for me to plan meals, go to the grocery store, cook the meals, then eat them.  But alas, I realize if I am going to be a functioning adult I must tackle this.  Must.  I have running mantras to help me through tough runs; I think I need to find a cooking mantra.  Any ideas?

Last night, I put on my big girl panties and went to the grocery store.  I left with four items, only three of which are culinary: pre-cooked Perdue chicken cutlets, bag of baby carrots, bag of sugar-snap peas, and toothpaste.  Nearly – epic fail.  Firstly, Perdue cooks those cutlets so while it’s convenient to prepare in the microwave, it’s not the best bang for my buck.  Secondly, sugar-snap peas and carrots are definitely delicious, but a meal they do not make.  Lastly, I am very proud I remembered toothpaste.  That situation was desperate.

So if you’re wondering, yes I had a chicken cutlet and carrots and sugar-snap peas for dinner and I will be eating that the rest of this week.  Better than peanut butter on crackers which is what I had the night prior.  Next week I intend to do better.  Perhaps a list would help steer me in the right direction.  As my sister says, “if you see a recipe you like, just try it”.  Recipes and lists.  That’s my new plan.

My run today will be with the Niketown Running Club.  I’m not sure what tonight’s workout is, but it’s usually around 4-6 miles, sometimes with speedwork mixed in.  I don’t go every week, but I love running in the park and this group is a great way to get a higher intensity workout and add variety to a weekly run.  I tend to run harder when I run with others than I do when I’m solo; similar to the effect of running a race.  Other runners’ speeds encourage me to pick up mine!

Whew. That was a whole lot of business.  I promise I will get back to including some laughs.  Hope you are all having a good week!


Turning Off My Watch

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!  I cannot get over just how lovely it is.  Fall is definitely in the air, and I’m finally okay with it.  I love fall but always feel incredibly sad when the summer is over.  Especially this summer.  This summer was extra great.

I don’t know about you, but my September/October schedule is filling up pretty gosh darn fast.  With good things, of course!  But I will be a busy lady.  Lots of big birthdays [ahem I’m turning 30 in October], visitors, and bridal showers!  Will be fantastic.  So this past weekend I took it easy, and recovered from my week of fatigue.

I was so tired last week, I could not stop sleeping and/or falling asleep.  My allergies kicked in, so it could have been that.  It could have been that August kicked my butt.  It could have been that I’ve been traveling like a crazy person.  Whatever the reason, I was exhausted.  I managed to get in 4/5 runs.  Not perfect, and unlike me to skip a run…but the new, logical voice in my head reminded me that worse things have happened.  WAY WORSE things have happened than skipping one 3 mile run. 

It became clear on my runs last week that speed was not a wise way to measure my effort.  Frustrated with my pace, and the fact that my Garmin is going bananas, I decided to relax and stay in tune with my body.  And what did my body tell me?  That it was tired.  My muscles were stiff and heavy and my breathing felt labored (likely allergies).  So I gave my body a break and just ran as slowly as I wanted to.  I have no idea what pace I ran, but the funny thing is that I got back around the same time I usually do.  Sometimes just letting yourself go a natural pace is necessary.

I feel enthused for my runs this week, so I’m guessing I did something right.

What do you do when you feel fatigued?  Do you skip the run altogether or push through it?


Finally Friday!

Aren’t short weeks always the longest?  You’d think they would just fly by; quite the opposite in my experience.

This morning I had to literally tear myself out of my super comfortable bed.  It was the perfect temperature in my room, my pillows were in just the right spot, I was sprawled in just the right position.  Picture Goldilocks finding the right bed. I never sleep as well as I do than when I need to get up.  Saturdays? I’m tossing and turning all night.  But 5-7am during the week I sleep like a baby.  My life must be pretty great if this is all I have to gripe about.

 After extracting myself from my bed, I went outside for a beautiful shake out run.  My quads were feeling it from Wednesday’s workout.  It was gorgeous out.  A true fall morning – brisk but sunny, perfect for running capris and a tank (similar).  I left my watch and entertainment at home, and ran along the water taking in the sights and feeling my legs relax.  Not too shabby.

New Yorkers, are you all caught up in the buzz of Fashion Week?  I so wish I could be there.  Second best though, I’ve caught a few shows streaming live.  This afternoon is Rebecca Minkoff, my favorite!  

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful weekend!