New Week, New Me

Ah, I found my mojo.  As soon as I let myself “have the week”, I wanted to run.  Ha.  Saturday was a slow but steady 4 miler, and Sunday I went out for some speed-work.  Sometimes taking off the pressure and remembering that running is a choice and a hobby really helps.   For me, anyway.

I did not sign up for any half/full marathons this fall, because I  had no idea what my running future held after breaking my ankle.  So I’ve just been winging it each week, running what I want and what feels good.  But I’m ready for some direction, and I want to get my mileage back up to at least 20 miles/week.  So I did what I do best: plan!  I wrote out my running schedule for the next month and a half.  It was very satisfying – I like having a box to check and knowing what miles need to get done.  I was very careful not to increase the mileage too quickly, obeying the 10% rule (don’t increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% in one week).  I would never (err normally) break the Golden Rule.

Today’s run:  4 miles in the perfect August heat.

Anyone else get as much satisfaction ticking off boxes as I do?



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