Progress Is Progress

Workout Recap

Saturday:  I ran downtown to meet my friend for bagels (Bagel Bob’s for fellow New Yorkers) which was a 5 mile run.  This was the first 5 miler I had done and while it went well, it wasn’t easy.  I did wear my watch, and though I was overall so happy to be running 5 miles, I was very aware of how much slower and harder the run was.  But progress is progress, and I know it will take time.  I will get back to my prior level of performance, and hopefully surpass it. Patience, Annie.  So, as I said, it was 5 mile run, and I averaged a 9:36 min/mile. 

Sunday:  I intended to get up for an easy run and my conditioning class, but when I stepped on my foot in the morning it was a bit sore and very stiff.  Reluctantly, I made myself a cup of coffee and crawled back into bed to read (such a terrible alternative).  Coffee and reading are two things that will always make me feel warm inside.

Monday:  Woke up without any pain and headed out the door!  I ran a solid 3 miles in 27:27 (love the symmetry) which is a 9:06 min/mile.  My watch is acting crazy and kept auto pausing for no reason, so I may have gone a bit further.  Regardless, it was a beautiful, cool morning in the city.  I took some pictures because I couldn’t resist.

So pretty, isn’t it?  I just love running and I love NYC.  Best way to start the day!

I am traveling this week for my sister’s wedding (eek!!) so will be absent for a bit.  Enjoy your week and your runs!



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