Free Food Friday!

Apparently, today is Free Food Friday!

On my way to the subway, I passed by the new Organic Avenue store and they were giving out free samples of juice!  I took one of each: Green Love Green Juice (cucumber, celery, chard, spinach, pear, collard greens, kale, romaine, parsley, lemon) and Royal Red Juice (carrot, pear, beet, pineapple, ginger, orange).  They were both pretty good, although they would be better on ice.  If I was making them, I would have added another fruit to the green one; it’s pretty heavy on the leafy greens.

At my office, we get pizza & cupcakes once a month to celebrate all the birthdays in the company.  For some, that is a dream.  For me, well let’s just say I rarely indulge in the pizza, never in the cupcakes.  Someone actually sent around the nutritional information for the cupcakes and there were over 500 calories in one.  That just seems wrong.

But today, as part of the company’s Wellness Initiative, we got a salad buffet followed by a Pinkberry buffet!  I was so happy.  Unfortunately, next month will be back to the pizza.  I made sure to tell as many people as I could in HR how much I enjoyed the salad 🙂

If you’re keeping track, I have spent $0 on food today.  WINNING.

Happy Friday Everyone!  Have a great weekend!



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