Tuesday’s Random Thoughts

Yesterday:  rest day
Today: 30 min run

Today’s Random Thoughts:

  • How cute is the Royal Baby?  I just adore these pics of the family. They look so happy!  And I love that she’s wearing a polka dot dress, just like Princess Diana did 31 years ago with William.  Anyone else as obsessed as I am?
  • Are you an AM or PM runner?  I am by nature an AM runner.  I love the feeling of starting my day doing something that I absolutely love.  Plus, I find that I have much more energy for the day if I run in the morning.  That being said, sometimes you just have to exercise in the PM and I’ve learned to appreciate the feeling wrapping up the day with a run.  And you all know my abs class is an evening class.  As if you could forget.
  • Beyonce’s hair got caught in a fan last night during a concert.  I watched the video and cringed. I can’t believe she just kept on singing.  I would for sure freak out and shut everything down until my hair was safely removed.  That woman is unstoppable.
  • I got stuck on the train this morning when the emergency breaks went on.  We were packed like sardines and I just kept reading my book pretending that we were moving.  I have heard horror stories of people being stuck for an hour…not okay.  Then I watched this video and immediately felt better about my commute.  

That’s all my random thoughts for this Tuesday!  I’ll leave you this:


Happy Running!



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