Saturday:   Medium-Hard Run (25 mins), Pilates Mat class (60 mins)
Sunday:     Easy Run (30 minutes)

I am happy to report that I saw my doctor for x-rays on Friday, and  I have no more restrictions!  My x-rays show that the fracture has healed nicely.  I am free to run!  He advised increasing my mileage slowly, which of course I will do.  The Broken-Ankle-Time-of-my-Life is OVER.  Thanks everyone for all your support and for letting me whine. 

I had a pretty low key weekend thanks to a headache.  It was likely from dehydration but it was a stubborn one!  If you’re having trouble staying hydrated in this heat, read this article from Runner’s World.  They point out that if you are even 2% dehydrated on a warm day, you will experience and decline in running.  These are their general guidelines for staying hydrated :

  • Running Less Than 60 Minutes:   Consume three to six ounces every 15 to 20 minutes of water or sports drink
  • Running One to Four Hours:   Consume three to six ounces every 15 to 20 minutes of sports drink
  • Running  More Than Four Hours:   Find a cooler day for an Ultra! (That is my advise, not RW’s.)
  • Upon finishing your run, drink around 24 oz, depending on conditions.

 For my 25 minutes run, I have been having 8 oz of water about 20 minutes before I head out, then about 16oz when I’m done.  Nuun and G2 are my post-run beverages of choice.  Both are light (mostly water) with less sugar but contain magnesium and potassium which are critical for recovery.


Doesn’t that kind of look like me?  It’s not, as far as I know… But seriously people, stay hydrated. This has been quite the heat wave!

Happy Running!



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