Summer Runnin’, Had Me a Blast

Yesterday:  2 mile run on treadmill (25 minutes) and abs class (30 minutes)
Today:  Rest day
Tomorrow:  Early morning run

Is it hot outside?  I hadn’t noticed.

I kind of love it – even though my hair looks terrible and I’m a sweaty mess when I get off the subway, I sort of love the hot blast of air I get when I walk outside.  And I LOVE running in the heat (“Summer runnin’, had me a blast…”).  Being hot and sweaty and red-faced is so satisfying.  That said, I’m being smart and yes, I ran on the treadmill yesterday.

The thing about my abs class…it’s starting to get too easy!  I’ve been at it since March (?) so it makes sense that it’s getting easier.  With the exception of my obliques – those suckers are stubborn.  I’m trying to think of what my next step will be ab-wise…anyone have any suggestions?  I’m considering going back to Bikram Yoga – that class will always kick my butt!

I had a huge craving for yellow corn and tomatoes last night.  I always want tomatoes, and the warm weather reminds me of corn.  So I followed my gut.  I threw a whole bunch of ingredients in a bowl with salt & pepper and called it a meal.  I put chicken sausage, diced tomatoes, corn and cucumber in the mix.  It hit the spot.  Although next time, I will add broccoli, more salt, and give it a quick heating in the wok.   I then ate my weight in blueberries.  I can’t resist those blue morsels of juicy deliciousness.

I will leave you with my laugh of the day…

Stay cool, run safely!



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