I’m Back!

I am back on the wagon.  Not sure where I fell off, or why, but I’m back.

My biggest and most exciting news is that I have been running!  Slow and steady, of course.  No sense in injuring myself again.  I also am very aware that I need to run equally on both legs so that I don’t develop a compensation injury.  That is harder than it seems.

My feet still get a bit sore, but my ankle has been [mostly] fine.  It takes a few blocks to warm up (it’s still stiff in the morning and at night), but it’s not painful.  I have not been wearing my watch in efforts to be guided by my body instead of my stats.  I estimate that I am running for about 30 minutes now, and probably 10 minute miles.  Not my desired speed, but I openly welcome any run at this point!  I have also been taking 2-3 conditioning classes per week.  I want to make sure my entire body is strong (especially my core) so that when I am able to pick up the pace/distance, I will be ready.  Also, I feel extremely soft and its bathing suit season.  Dislike feeling soft.  Love bathing suit season.

How was everyone’s 4th of July?  I had an excellent day.  Went skeet shooting, hiking, and swimming.  A day full of nature! It was very needed.  I was terrible at skeet shooting, but I loved it.  So I will be going back again to improve my game.  My instructor, Marco, was quite helpful.  Despite his good tips, I couldn’t take my eye off the end of my rifle.  Fellow skeet shooters, know what I’m saying?

 FW was ridiculously good, even though it was only his second time.  He got 21 out of 25!  I got 4 out of 25, for reference.  But hey, at least I got 4.  Irony is, I got the first two before I even had a clue what I was doing.  I need to think less.  This is precisely the reason I was never good at ball sports – too much thinking leads to hesitation and missed opportunities.  Enter running.

Anyone else struggling today?  Nothing like a hot summer Monday at work after 5 days off.  I will be running this evening to combat my perceived exhaustion. 

Happy Running!



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