Free Food Friday!

Apparently, today is Free Food Friday!

On my way to the subway, I passed by the new Organic Avenue store and they were giving out free samples of juice!  I took one of each: Green Love Green Juice (cucumber, celery, chard, spinach, pear, collard greens, kale, romaine, parsley, lemon) and Royal Red Juice (carrot, pear, beet, pineapple, ginger, orange).  They were both pretty good, although they would be better on ice.  If I was making them, I would have added another fruit to the green one; it’s pretty heavy on the leafy greens.

At my office, we get pizza & cupcakes once a month to celebrate all the birthdays in the company.  For some, that is a dream.  For me, well let’s just say I rarely indulge in the pizza, never in the cupcakes.  Someone actually sent around the nutritional information for the cupcakes and there were over 500 calories in one.  That just seems wrong.

But today, as part of the company’s Wellness Initiative, we got a salad buffet followed by a Pinkberry buffet!  I was so happy.  Unfortunately, next month will be back to the pizza.  I made sure to tell as many people as I could in HR how much I enjoyed the salad 🙂

If you’re keeping track, I have spent $0 on food today.  WINNING.

Happy Friday Everyone!  Have a great weekend!



Goodbye Naked Juices…

Today: 30 minute run and abs class (30 min)

You all know how much I love those Naked Juices, right?  I pretty much talk about them every time the dreaded lunch topic comes up.  WELL.  My friend CD sent me this article.  Bad news folks, bad news.  The article reveals that these drinks are not in fact 100% juice as they claim to be.  

“PepsiCo has recently agreed to settle out of court for $9 million over a class action lawsuit that claimed â€˜natural’ and ‘non-GMO’ on their bottles was misleading since they are made with GMO ingredients, as well as synthetic and ‘unnatural’ items”.

Lovely.  So I have been drinking a shake for lunch that I thought to be all fruits and vegetables, without added chemicals or sweeteners.  They LIED.  Because in fact, they add a whole handful of chemicals and sweeteners to these shakes.   This begs the question, who else is lying?

I’m looking into buying a juicer.  I don’t juice all the time, but I really enjoy it, especially for lunch, which you all know I hate.  Plus it’s easy to transport to work.  I don’t often go straight home after work, and it’s easier to just have a reusable bottle in my bag than a big Tupperware.  FW did some research for me (and you, if you’re interested) and these were the ones we like:

 Black and Decker, $34:

Hamilton Beach, $49.88:  

Breville, $99.95:

These are all on sale at Amazon right now, so the prices I wrote down are the sale prices.  The last one is FW’s pick, it’s sturdy and the reviews all say it lasts forever.  That being said, the others get great reviews as well.  I’m probably going to get the Breville, because I know I love juicing for lunch and will use it.  I would be hesitant to spend the $100 if I was unsure, though.  Food for thought!  I will keep you posted once I am an official Juicer.

Do you juice?  If so, how much? What juicer do you own?

Happy Running!!


Tuesday’s Random Thoughts

Yesterday:  rest day
Today: 30 min run

Today’s Random Thoughts:

  • How cute is the Royal Baby?  I just adore these pics of the family. They look so happy!  And I love that she’s wearing a polka dot dress, just like Princess Diana did 31 years ago with William.  Anyone else as obsessed as I am?
  • Are you an AM or PM runner?  I am by nature an AM runner.  I love the feeling of starting my day doing something that I absolutely love.  Plus, I find that I have much more energy for the day if I run in the morning.  That being said, sometimes you just have to exercise in the PM and I’ve learned to appreciate the feeling wrapping up the day with a run.  And you all know my abs class is an evening class.  As if you could forget.
  • Beyonce’s hair got caught in a fan last night during a concert.  I watched the video and cringed. I can’t believe she just kept on singing.  I would for sure freak out and shut everything down until my hair was safely removed.  That woman is unstoppable.
  • I got stuck on the train this morning when the emergency breaks went on.  We were packed like sardines and I just kept reading my book pretending that we were moving.  I have heard horror stories of people being stuck for an hour…not okay.  Then I watched this video and immediately felt better about my commute.  

That’s all my random thoughts for this Tuesday!  I’ll leave you this:

Happy Running!



Saturday:   Medium-Hard Run (25 mins), Pilates Mat class (60 mins)
Sunday:     Easy Run (30 minutes)

I am happy to report that I saw my doctor for x-rays on Friday, and  I have no more restrictions!  My x-rays show that the fracture has healed nicely.  I am free to run!  He advised increasing my mileage slowly, which of course I will do.  The Broken-Ankle-Time-of-my-Life is OVER.  Thanks everyone for all your support and for letting me whine. 

I had a pretty low key weekend thanks to a headache.  It was likely from dehydration but it was a stubborn one!  If you’re having trouble staying hydrated in this heat, read this article from Runner’s World.  They point out that if you are even 2% dehydrated on a warm day, you will experience and decline in running.  These are their general guidelines for staying hydrated :

  • Running Less Than 60 Minutes:   Consume three to six ounces every 15 to 20 minutes of water or sports drink
  • Running One to Four Hours:   Consume three to six ounces every 15 to 20 minutes of sports drink
  • Running  More Than Four Hours:   Find a cooler day for an Ultra! (That is my advise, not RW’s.)
  • Upon finishing your run, drink around 24 oz, depending on conditions.

 For my 25 minutes run, I have been having 8 oz of water about 20 minutes before I head out, then about 16oz when I’m done.  Nuun and G2 are my post-run beverages of choice.  Both are light (mostly water) with less sugar but contain magnesium and potassium which are critical for recovery.

Doesn’t that kind of look like me?  It’s not, as far as I know… But seriously people, stay hydrated. This has been quite the heat wave!

Happy Running!


Summer Runnin’, Had Me a Blast

Yesterday:  2 mile run on treadmill (25 minutes) and abs class (30 minutes)
Today:  Rest day
Tomorrow:  Early morning run

Is it hot outside?  I hadn’t noticed.

I kind of love it – even though my hair looks terrible and I’m a sweaty mess when I get off the subway, I sort of love the hot blast of air I get when I walk outside.  And I LOVE running in the heat (“Summer runnin’, had me a blast…”).  Being hot and sweaty and red-faced is so satisfying.  That said, I’m being smart and yes, I ran on the treadmill yesterday.

The thing about my abs class…it’s starting to get too easy!  I’ve been at it since March (?) so it makes sense that it’s getting easier.  With the exception of my obliques – those suckers are stubborn.  I’m trying to think of what my next step will be ab-wise…anyone have any suggestions?  I’m considering going back to Bikram Yoga – that class will always kick my butt!

I had a huge craving for yellow corn and tomatoes last night.  I always want tomatoes, and the warm weather reminds me of corn.  So I followed my gut.  I threw a whole bunch of ingredients in a bowl with salt & pepper and called it a meal.  I put chicken sausage, diced tomatoes, corn and cucumber in the mix.  It hit the spot.  Although next time, I will add broccoli, more salt, and give it a quick heating in the wok.   I then ate my weight in blueberries.  I can’t resist those blue morsels of juicy deliciousness.

I will leave you with my laugh of the day…

Stay cool, run safely!


I’m Back!

I am back on the wagon.  Not sure where I fell off, or why, but I’m back.

My biggest and most exciting news is that I have been running!  Slow and steady, of course.  No sense in injuring myself again.  I also am very aware that I need to run equally on both legs so that I don’t develop a compensation injury.  That is harder than it seems.

My feet still get a bit sore, but my ankle has been [mostly] fine.  It takes a few blocks to warm up (it’s still stiff in the morning and at night), but it’s not painful.  I have not been wearing my watch in efforts to be guided by my body instead of my stats.  I estimate that I am running for about 30 minutes now, and probably 10 minute miles.  Not my desired speed, but I openly welcome any run at this point!  I have also been taking 2-3 conditioning classes per week.  I want to make sure my entire body is strong (especially my core) so that when I am able to pick up the pace/distance, I will be ready.  Also, I feel extremely soft and its bathing suit season.  Dislike feeling soft.  Love bathing suit season.

How was everyone’s 4th of July?  I had an excellent day.  Went skeet shooting, hiking, and swimming.  A day full of nature! It was very needed.  I was terrible at skeet shooting, but I loved it.  So I will be going back again to improve my game.  My instructor, Marco, was quite helpful.  Despite his good tips, I couldn’t take my eye off the end of my rifle.  Fellow skeet shooters, know what I’m saying?

 FW was ridiculously good, even though it was only his second time.  He got 21 out of 25!  I got 4 out of 25, for reference.  But hey, at least I got 4.  Irony is, I got the first two before I even had a clue what I was doing.  I need to think less.  This is precisely the reason I was never good at ball sports – too much thinking leads to hesitation and missed opportunities.  Enter running.

Anyone else struggling today?  Nothing like a hot summer Monday at work after 5 days off.  I will be running this evening to combat my perceived exhaustion. 

Happy Running!