First Run Post-Broken Ankle!

First run post-broken ankle this morning!

I was pretty nervous that it would hurt or it would put me back in the healing process.  But my ankle was fine; 100% a-okay.  My toes were uncomfortable, but I attribute that to the fact that my feet are incredibly weak.  I ran slowly, sans watch, sans mapped out route.  I wanted to really feel the run, and not have any preconceived notions about how far or fast I would go. 

All in all, I probably ran for about 2 miles or 20-25 minutes.  I ran slooooow.  I shot up the first hill, realized that was a bad idea, and slowed down for the rest of the run.  IT.WAS.GLORIOUS.  This is the pic I took on my run to mark this momentous occasion:

I feel like a million bucks!

I know these past months have probably flown by for everyone, but each day has been an agonizing battle with myself.  I hope that I didn’t reflect that here; I certainly would not want the angst being spread around.  But not being able to walk or run was incredibly difficult for me.  I suppose I am proud of myself for getting through it, but mostly I am just glad it is over.  I certainly will never take walking or running for granted.  The feeling of pavement under my feet, of hot and humid air in my face, and sweat on my back have been desperately missed.



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