As of today, I am officially BOOTLESS!!  Boy, that feels good to say!  To everyone else, these past three months probably flew by.  For me, I was agonizingly counting each day.  Okay fine, each minute.  But nevertheless, here we are!

My foot feels strange.  It’s basically a dud foot at this point, because it’s so weak.  I’m hoping that it will very quickly regain strength because it almost feels like a flipper.  It has no give!  I’m pretty sure I look like a penguin walking, minus the adorableness. 

I am going to celebrate this big day with a trip to the gym (assuming I don’t float away in all this rain) where I will cycle and work out my arms/abs.  I can’t wait to be back in the gym like a gym rat!!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  I sat in Central Park ALL DAY yesterday.  It was luxurious. 

What did you all do??

 Happy [rainy] Monday!



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