Attention All Snackers!

Do you snack?  I try not to, because if I do, I’m likely to ruin my dinner.  But sometimes you just need an afternoon pickup, right?  I was browsing through blogs in the hopes of some snackly inspiration, and I stumbled upon this:

Photo Credit:

Genius, right?  I enjoy all of these things – and so many different food groups are covered.  Whatever you need more of, you can supplement.  And anything food-wise that comes with a guide is fine by me!  You could also put a few of these together and call it a lunch.  Done and done.

I’m really in love with life today.  I saw some special people this week, and I’ve been feeling more independent and much more like my pre-ankle-debaucle self.  In light of this, I will leave you with this pic:

Spread the love!

Have a great weekend!



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