Breaking the Silence

Readers! Hi.

I have been neglecting the blog recently, and I apologize.  Things have been crazy (I moved into a new apt, ’nuff said).   And I’ll be honest: I was feeling uninspired.  I started this blog in the hopes of writing mostly about running, and then BAM! Broken ankle.  Figures.

Anyway, I’m turning that frown upside down.  I went to the doctor last week, and I’m happy to report he is weaning me off the boot!  Last week I was allowed to walk around the house without the boot.  This week I can take the boot off at home and at work.  Next week, I ditch the boot completely.  Woo!  Today is day two of a bootless work day, and I have noticed a few problems with my foot/ankle.  In case you’re curious, this is what happens when you start walking after letting all muscles your atrophy:

  • I cannot point my toes at all.  As an ex-gymnast, this is a very strange phenomenon.
  • The joint cracks constantly.  And it hurts. But preventing it from cracking hurts more.  Guess a lot of air built up my joints?  PT friends, help me out here!
  • The bottom of my foot is so stiff.  It feels like one of those super thick rubber bands that have no give.  You can imagine what walking looks/feels like.
  • Swelling.  Yup, still gets swollen at night.  This does not bode well for all the physical activity I imagine myself doing.

I will obviously be doing physical therapy.  Next appointment is at the end of the month, including x-rays to make sure everything healed properly.   It will be a relief to be a) done with the boot and b) working with a PT to get myself active again.  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not doing so hot with this no-exercise thing.

I have continued to do my core work: a mix of planks (as possible), scissors, v-ups, bicycle crunches, and pushups.  I am determined to to keep the rest of me strong so that when I start exercising my legs, I will be able to hit the ground running.  Pun intended.

Since I last wrote, I’ve had a few great salads for lunch.  Here is a sampling:

Clearly homemade.

Quick salad from Pret.  Comes with tons of lettuce.

I used about 1/20th of this dressing.  But it was yummy.

I have not reached 100% success rate, but I’m getting much better at eating vegetables for lunch and bringing my own salads to work.  I tend not to take photos because they are not nearly as pretty as the bought salads!

I will leave you with summer city scenes and a kitty pic. 

Hope you are all having a good week!



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