Weekend Update

I know you are all dying to hear how I’m doing with the salad-for-lunch goal…and well, success on Day 1!  FW made a salad on Thursday night for me to take to work on Friday, but I forgot it in the fridge.  I’m going to pretend that never happened.  And of course I forgot to take a picture of today’s salad, but here is what I put in it:

– broccoli slaw (I ran out of leaves)
– 2 hard boiled eggs
– a bit of cheddar cheese
– sweet cherries (the red/yellowish ones)
– a sprinkling of sunflower seeds

It was pretty good!  I’m not a big salad dressing person, and I really didn’t need it with this, because of the crumbled egg.  Next time, I will keep the cherries on the side and add Sriracha to the salad.  I would consider Day 1 a good (not great) start to a new habit. 

Weekend updates?.  I read a lot of American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  It’s different from the sort of book I normally read, but it is quite good.  And yes, it’s about Gods in living amongst humans in America.  Deep stuff.

The highlight of my weekend was volunteering yesterday at the Hope and Heroes Walk.  Despite the rainy weather, the participants and volunteers had SO much energy.  They raised around $360k for this charity which supplies assistance, therapies, and programs for children and adolescents battling cancer.  It is an incredible charity, and I have been lucky enough to volunteer at two major events.  I admire the children and their families who have gone through so much, but continue to bring so much energy and positivity to others.  A big shout-out to KL for organizing an amazing event!

What was your weekend highlight?



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