I have a few updates for you:

1)   This morning, after writing “You Are the New Sexy”, I came across this blog post about the “Strong is the New Skinny” campaign.  I found it quite insightful, and her defense for the slogan makes sense.  In her mind, “strong” transcends body types; it is a characteristic independent of shape.  I like her take on it.  However, I’m not sure everyone interprets the slogan that way.  Thoughts?

2)   My very wise sister CQ told me she thinks I need to embrace salad for lunch (she is right).  Here is what she had to say about lunch:

“I totally agree that lunch can be a drag…when I think about what to eat at lunchtime, I think about what I don’t get enough of. One word: vegetables
I really like to make salads to put in the fridge for the week ahead. One of my favorites is taco salad – when you’re cooking your ground turkey, add a can of beans so that you can increase the volume and decrease the meat. Also, I just made a delicious chopped salad with cabbage, carrots, yellow mangos, shredded chicken, avacado and peanuts with a lite asian dressing!”
CQ is, and always has been, an incredible role modelShe is also a wizard in the kitchen (she takes after my Mum).  She leads a busy life (she gets up at 4:15am!) but always makes time for healthy eating and exercise.  
Awesome, right?!

Needless to say, I listen to every word she says.  And her salads sound delicious, don’t they?  I’m going to give it a try.  She is going to send me more salad combos she enjoys, so I’ll be sure to share them.  Thanks CQ!

3)  Ankle:  I am thoroughly enjoying walking around sans crutches!  Having two hands free and walking with two feet (albeit slowly) is incredible.  I will never take that for granted again.  I am surprised, though, at how tired and weak I am.  I mean, I shouldn’t be: I have not walked more than four blocks since March 21st (we will pretend I didn’t take that long walk on Sunday).  I have NO muscles.  Dislike.  I’m mentally storing all my motivation and enthusiasm in a jar so that I can really kill it when I’m back to exercising.  I can’t wait for that day!

4)  Have you all discovered Broccoli Slaw?  I might be late to the party, but it is amazing.

You can eat it raw, roast it, put it on salads…I’m obsessed.  You can get a big bag of it (Dole’s) for about $2.99. 

5)  Check out Daft Punk’s new album.  “Get Lucky” is awesome sauce.

Happy Hump Day!



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