"You Are the New Sexy"

You guys!  Isn’t this the happiest, cutest baby you’ve ever seen?!

This makes me smile every time I see it and I just had to share this huge grin.  I want to kiss those cheeks and chunky arms!

There’s a lot of chatter today on the internet/blogs about body image and eating.  FW and I actually had this conversation last night, and I got overly worked up about the pressures that women face being scrutinized for how they look and what they eat.  Granted, I might have a harder time separating those voices from my own, but  I still think it is completely out of control.  Every day the media tells me what I should/shouldn’t eat, what exercises I should do, how to trick myself into being full.  Just yesterday, I read that I should “drink a glass of water with lemon in it immediately after waking up” so that I feel full.  Really?  The first thing I do when I wake up is use the bathroom.  I’m sure as hell not downing a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon in it.  And apparently, if seven days a week I do situps, planks and pushups each morning and night, run for 45 minutes a day, and do yoga or pilates for an hour, my body will be “beach” ready in no time.  I guess I’ll have to quit my job and friends so I can make sure my body is “ready” for a bikini…

Then I stumbled across this fantastic Buzzfeed post.  It’s all about J-Law, and and what we should learn from her about eating.  It’s funny to read, but also kind of serious.  I mean, why are people asking about her weight in interviews?  She’s a talented actress, yet everyone wants to know what she weighs.  It doesn’t matter what she weighs.  And  why should it be a surprise that she’s having a snack on the set of a movie?  It should be a surprise if someone were to go all day not eating on set.

Do I sound bitter?  I am.  I spent a huge chunk of my life worrying about these things, and it’s no wonder.  Granted, there were also emotional issues behind my disorder, but  the media played a big role in the pressure I put on myself.  And now the new campaign “Strong is the new sexy”: what do you think of that?   On the one hand, I get that it is trying to say strong, healthy living is more attractive than being skinny and unhealthy.  But why do our bodies have to be defined in terms of sexiness?  So now, if you’re not strong, you’re not sexy.  There are people of all shapes and sizes, and the media is constantly telling us who and what shape is the most attractive.  It’s not fair.  Maybe the campaign should be “You are the new sexy”. 

I am working hard to eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise in a positive, enriching way.  It’s challenging to do when in order to read accurate information you have to sort through all this nonsense. 

Please share your thoughts-I’ve been ranting for too long!



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