When Will I Learn?

The answer is never.

But let me back up.  First, I am OFF THE CRUTCHES!  Woo!  I threw those suckers down without a second look.  I wish I could burn them or trash them, but I’m going to donate them to a charity that provides used crutches to kids who can’t afford them.  Less avenging, but more humane.

So naturally, I decide I am totally capable of walking back to my apt to start packing.  It’s about 1.8 miles roundtrip from FW’s.  About halfway there I realized it was probably a tad too far, but there was no point in turning back.  I got a bit done at my apt and walked [read: trudged] back.  But ah, let’s not forget to mention the drunk man at 5:00pm smoking outside the bar who grilled me about what happened and told me that I should “really use the railing next time”.   Genius!  Why hadn’t I thought of that?!

Anyway, flash forward to now: splitting headache, nauseous, pained ankle.  I feel like a wilted flower.  It’s as if I just ran a really long run without fuel or hydration.  And the worst part is that it’s all my fault.  100% overdid it and ignored all the warning signs.  WHEN WILL I LEARN?


How was everyone’s weekend??  I had a fantastic time running around without my crutches feeling on top of the world!  If only I had listened to that reasonable voice aka FW…

Anyone else have trouble listening to their reasonable voice?  My reasonable voice is so quiet and incredibly easy to ignore!



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