Another Food Excursion

Add about a million exclamation points to this.  It’s pretty much stamped across my forehead, and I’m sure you are all tired of my whining.  Heck, I’m tired of my whining.  So I’ll tell you about my dinner last night.

I thought we were just going for quick meal with a few friends.  But when I sat down, I realized I was in a semi-nightmare.  It was Japanese restaurant, but you grill your own meat AT THE TABLE.  Sure, this is most people’s idea of a fantastic time.  But if you’re scared of food and raw meat like me…it’s a nightmare.  I looked at the menu, got a knot in my stomach, and told FW to order for me.  Yup, I’m a big baby.  And when the meat arrived, I was quite glad I had chickened out (pun intended) because I preferred to not know what it all was.

FW grilled it for me, and guess what?  It was DELICIOUS.  I had some kind of yummy steak and some rice.  It’s a good thing I had no idea what I was in for, because I would have missed out on a great meal with great friends.  That’s the thing about our society: so much of our culture happens around food.  I used to ban myself from food events as much as possible, and I know I missed out on a lot because of it.  I am super glad that is not the case anymore.  And even though I still get nervous, I’m proud of myself for actually doing it, AND having fun.

Please run a mile for me today…I am living vicariously through you, fellow runners!!



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