Soup With a Side of Hulk Hogan

I hate lunch.  Maybe hate is too strong: I strongly dislike lunch.  I don’t like eating in the middle of the day, I don’t enjoy lunch foods, and I always want a nap after I eat.  I used to always skip lunch, but now I am not allowed to skip it.  I survey my friends and family to see what they eat for lunch, and now I’m taking it public.

I will tell you what I eat for lunch, and then you can tell me.  I can’t promise you’ll get any good ideas from me, but I’m selfishly hoping to get ideas from you!  Here is my repetoire:

  • Naked Green Machine Smoothie with two hard boiled eggs or cheese stick
  • Yogurt (Fage) with trail mix and an apple
  • Sometimes I make tuna salad with white beans a la my cuz
  • Occasionally I throw together arugula and veggies
  • Soup

The problem with me is, I don’t like eating dinner food for lunch.  I know it’s weird. But since salad is a dinner food, I don’t usually want it for lunch.  Also, I try to avoid bread products at lunch because they make me very sleepy.  See how picky I am?  All you people with ideas better be up for a challenge.  I’m all ears!

Ha.  Oh, and this made me laugh soooooo hard today.  I used to be obsessed with Hulk Hogan’s family show (I know, I know, it’s terrible television).  It was just too entertaining to watch Brook and her mom gang up on Hulk.  Too bad they’re now divorced and [seemingly] crazy.

Isn’t that hysterical?  I can’t stop laughing!! I love that handlebar mustache.  Imagine if that was your dad?

Tell me what you eat for lunch!!



One thought on “Soup With a Side of Hulk Hogan

  1. For lunch I pretty much always have salad, I love it though because there are so many options/variations! I won’t list them all here because it would be a loooong list but if you want I can email a list to you! I don’t have any carbs in my salads just fresh veg, fish/seafood, pickled stuff (gherkins, beetroot etc), seeds, egg and so on…occasionally I have hummus and carrot/celery/cucumber sticks – when I was last in the US I discovered that you guys have the most amazing choice of hummus’! I actually took a photo in the supermarket because I was so excited by them all! As a treat on a Fri sometimes we have sushi for lunch.For dinner foods I never really have salad, I still have fish and veg but cooked so it’s different enough to have twice in a day 🙂 and quite often I have soup for dinner so maybe you could mix/swap them up a bit? xxxx

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