Making it Through Monday

I am struggling on this fine Monday; anyone else?  I’m not a big Monday person and therefore I don’t expect much from myself except to make it through, without being a grump.  I pretty much always give myself Monday off from exercising, unless I’m training.  Fighting with myself Monday morning is a bad way to start my week, so I avoid it!

Today I’m struggling because I relaxed so much this weekend.  I sat outside the entire time, eating/drinking/talking/napping.  It was fantastic.  I did not even take a single picture-I mean how could I when I had food/drink in my hand?!

This is me-but female with long blondish hair.

Ankle Update  I was naughty this weekend and ditched the crutches AMA (against medical advise).  I learned two things:  1) I need a shoe with a wedge (which I promptly bought) to be even and 2) I’m not ready to walk without crutches.  Turns out those docs know a few things.  I’m a little sore from the consequences of my temper tantrum (in which the crutches were ditched), so I’m taking it slow today.  Tomorrow is the last day of 40lbs, so time is a-tickin’, albeit slowy.  Next week, with the crutches officially ditched, I’m going to go the gym and do some gentle cycling.  I apologize in advance for the perseveration that will occur between now and that day.  It’s unavoidable.

With that, I’ll leave you with a Monday laugh and hope that your Monday is going swimmingly!



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