Ankle Update

I went to my orthopedic today for x-rays and an update.  I got good news from my doctor: it is healing as expected and I can start partial weight bearing.  My weight bearing plan goes as such:

 – 40lbs for 4 days with both crutches
 – 80lbs for 4 more days with both crutches
 – full weight bearing with one or two crutches for 4 more days

At that point, I will be able to put all my weight on it, with the boot of course, SANS CRUTCHES.  Friends, this day cannot come soon enough!  I have 12 more days of crutches.  I feel like crying a little bit because 12 days feels so far away.  But I’m incredibly happy to be transitioning and to hear that it is healing.  As my super smart Daddy Q pointed out:  I only have one chance to heal.

Apart from being preoccupied with my ankle, I’ve been enjoying my yogurt!  Doesn’t this look tasty? 

Because it is.  Who needs added sugar?  Not this girl.  Throw in some raw trail mix and I’m a happy girl.  Also, LC gave me that nail polish and I’m obsessed with it.  It’s so springy!

Well, I’m off for a little R&R this weekend with CCJ and her family whom I’m adore.  The weekend will be full of relaxing, catching up, coffee, sunshine, gazebos, puppies, and some fantastic people.  Needless to say: I’m looking forward to it.

What do you all have going on?  Fun things outside I hope!!



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