“Fashion Friday” sounds better, but I’m thinking about fashion every day, so why not discuss it today?!  I am a hesitant Pinterest user…all this pinning of things I like doesn’t do me much good.  BUT I was looking for a way to organize some of my fashion wishlist items, and so I created a board.  It actually worked really well.  It’s private on Pinterest, but I will share with you what I’m lusting after.

First on my list are two pairs of jeans from JBrand.  It’s high time I sprung for a nice pair of jeans.  My stylist, CCJ, loves the coated black skinnies and I’m thinking they’d be a great addition to my wardrobe.


Coated black skinnies

White skinny jeans

These hot pink shoes because…I don’t think I need to explain why.  They speak for themselves.  Oh, and they can be found at Sole Society.

Then this ring, because my hands need some bling and this is super fun.  Although this is last on my list because it is not a necessity.  It’s a Juicy Couture ring.

I’m on a pink kick, but I have wanted this Rebecca Minkoff bag for a while.  I think it would be so fun for the summer!  All I have are black bags; even an NYC girl needs some color!
 I have been seriously eying this tweed Moto jacket.  Isn’t it fab? 
Another necessity is this basic white tee from Rag & Bone: also on recommendation from CCJ.   All my white tees currently have disgusting stains and look like I should be wearing to do manual labor.

That’s my fashion wishlist items for today.  Because online shopping is SO addictive and impulsive, my strategy is this: I mark the items I want and wait a week or two before purchasing.  If I still really want or need the items (and can afford them), then I buy it.  This prevents me from being click happy and purchasing items I really don’t need.

What’s on your fashion wish list?




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