Feeling Good in the Neighborhood

It is Tuesday afternoon and that means I have exactly 3 days until the moment of truth.  That moment being my doctor’s appointment on Friday.  In my dream world, he tells me I’m done with the crutches, that I can walk around as I please, and resume exercise.  Realistically, I’ll probably be able to put partial weight on my ankle.  I’m sticking to my version for now, but really, I’ll take what I can get.  I’m PUMPED for this appointment.

Today is one of the “Good Day Sunshine” days in my head.  The sun is shining again, I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt in the office (it’s strangely warm in here), I’m having a good hair day, and it’s been a day free of food anxiety.  Also, I got a whole bunch of stuff done.  Paid bills, ordered groceries (including my Fage yogurt and trail mix to add to it), plus had a busy day at work.  Life: I’m killing it.

This morning I was wiggling my ankle around against medical advice, and I was laughing because I can barely move it.  My range of motion has seriously been quartered.  But it does not hurt when I wiggle it, and I even put a littttttle bit of weight on my toes.  That did not hurt either, but felt like the worst case of pins-and-needles I have ever had!  I gave my ankle a little pep talk; she’s ready for the challenge.  I’m going to get good news, I can feel it.

What put you in a good mood today?  Or bad!  We all have bad days too (we know I complain more than my fair share!).



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