I Heart Sundays

My whole young adult-adult life I have hated Sundays.  I always felt so lonely, and dreaded what the week would bring.  (I obviously wasn’t as happy with my life as I am now.)  But NOW, now I love Sundays.  I love going for brunch, bopping around the city doing errands, catching up with people…I find it so pleasant.  And today is one of those great Sundays.

Yesterday I felt extremely trapped and depressed about not being able to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It’s hard for me to see everyone with their race #’s pinned their shirts, or going for runs with their friends…but today I put that aside.  I got up, made myself purdy, and went for brunch with CCJ.  We sat outside, laughed, caught up, and enjoy some delicious brunch food.

Don’t worry, I fixed that fly away after taking this pic.

Mmmm coffee & a mimosa.

Last night, FW surprised me with some treats to cheer me up.  I ❤ popcorn.  We have an almost daily argument about whether I can eat popcorn for dinner.  I lose.  Every time.

It’s popcorn made by Quinn!!

On deck tonight: dinner with FW and Game of Thrones.  Great way to wrap up the weekend.

Well, I just made a blog post out of nothing.  What exciting things did you all do this weekend?!

AQ. xxx


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