More Thoughts on Sugar

Thinking about the sugar content of yogurt has led me to consider the amount of added sugar I consume during the day.  Friends, be warned: it is a scary road to go down.  I am going to look individually at the amount of added sugar (read: non-essential) in my diet.

English muffin w/ Skippy PB
Quaker oatmeal (packets)
2g + 3g (second ingredient)
12g (second ingredient)
Naked Green Machine
2 eggs or
String Cheese
All sugars are from the fruit
Salads, meat, pasta w/ tomatoes, sandwiches
No added sugars

Breakfast seems to be my biggest problem.  The Quaker Oatmeal individual packets have a LOT of sugar.  This can easily be avoided by making rolled or steel cut outs, and adding your own flavoring (a touch of maple syrup, fruit, cinnamon, milk, etc.).  The English muffin isn’t terrible, but I should switch PB.  Skippy and JIF are too sugary (and so delicious!).  But never mind that: it’s time for me to switch back to natural PB or almond butter.
I know my lunch looks weird.  Lunch is my least favorite/most challenging meal for me to eat, but this one I can manage so I’m sticking with it.  And, it has no added sugar.  Of course there is sugar in the smoothie, but it is from real fruit, not sugar. I used to eat yogurt, and may go back to that.  And what kind of yogurt should we be eating?  That’s right! Plain.
Dinner is much easier, because I tend to eat real food for dinner.  I’m not into dressings/sauces, but if you are, you might want to check out the added sugar before you pile it on.  FW makes his own dressing, and it’s delicious.  I tend to use oil and vinegar, or go bare if I’ve got some juicy vegetables/fruit.
Snacks are the other place that I can make the wrong choice.  I usually have an apple at my desk and go for that at snack time.  Occasionally I will go for a bar, but most bars have added sugar.  This is totally avoidable.  A handful of homemade trail mix or raw almonds makes a great snack.
I love rules when it comes to food; it makes me feel like I have more control.  In the past, rules have been a dangerous gateway to severe habits, and it is not a road I am interested in going down again.  Therefore, while I am going to try and decrease the amount of added sugar in my diet, I am not cutting it out completely.  Rather, I want to be a more healthy and informed eater.  We should be eating real food anyway: processed food may be easier to access, but it is not healthier.  And again, we must respect our bodies.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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