Loading the Amazon Cart

You know when you are tapering, and all you want to do is run but instead you get pumped and plan for the next run?  That’s basically what I’m doing everyday.  I imagine that when the time comes, I will sprint out the door as fast as I can (only to collapse on the ground breathless from months without running).  I can’t wait for that day!

So, knowing I have a while before that run actually comes, I have planning like a crazy person.  Of course I have a sweet fantasy in my head that next week my doctor will say I can do the elliptical/stair master.  While that is unlikely to be true, I’m holding out.  But I digress; the real planning I’m doing has taken the form of what to wear, what to eat, what to run.   Today I worked on what to eat.

For my special food items, I add things to my Amazon cart until it is worth the shipping.  I’m cheap and I hate paying fees so I have not joined Prime yet.  I probably should because I’m sure I’d save money.  Hmmm, mental note.  So here’s what I’m excited to try:

I’m going to make a pizza on this-c/o Stuft Mama

Seriously yummy hydration.  Sometimes I just get sick of water!  Electrolytes included.

Enter indulgent protein fix.  Apparently you can microwave them and they taste like cookies. 
And last but not least, my old favorite.  I love this smoothie SO much.  And it’s super cheap if you buy it on Amazon; 64oz for $12.73!!
I can’t wait to try these and review them for you!  Have you tried anything new lately?


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