Weekend in the ‘Burgh

This weekend, FW scooped me up and brought me with him to “Carnival Weekend” at his alma mater, Carnegie Melon University.  Fun ensued:  a lot of friends, a lot of food, a lot of crutching.  It was a great weekend.  It felt incredible to get away and act like a normal[ish] person. 

We arrived late on Friday night (2:45am!!) so said our hellos and went to bed.  Saturday, we headed out for the big day.  First, lunch at the cutest Italian place owned by the most awesome people.  We even got a free Nutella pizza.  You heard me right: Nutella pizza.   I’m not even a big sweets fan, but this was amazing.  It was their fluffy pizza dough filled with Nutella.  Scrumptious.

FW – driver & tour guide  
I loved the rooster on the roof.  Family: it reminded me of “Cow on a stick”!

My DELICIOUS salad at the most adorable Italian restaurant.  

 Next, we hit up GB’s favorite distillery and enjoyed some $5 cocktails.  Cinco!  So cheap and soooo delicious.  I got a fizzy gin drink which sent me to Carolina (or someplace else warm) in my mind.  FW talked shop with the employees and even got a whiskey barrel.  Pretty great spot!

Buddies: GB (our gracious host) and FW

After a reunion party, FW took me to the CMU campus for a tour.  And tour we did!  It was such a beautiful day and we walked all around the camps.  Well, FW walked and I crutched.  I’m actually quite proud of how far I went-it’s not a small campus!  Later, there was a fun group dinner and I made a sly exit to my bed while everyone else hung out.  I was so tired, I was literally just tipping over.  Sign of a good day.

Before we headed back to the City, FW took me on a drive to see the highlights of Pittsburgh.  Here they are:

View of the river from Mt. Washington

F-Dubs and AQ.  I clearly didn’t shower.
The Fort Pitt Tunnel – from The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  A must read.
Lastly, the Heinz Factory.  My favorite food.  Not condiment, FOOD.

Pittsburgh is a fun little city-sort of a mix between Brooklyn and Boston, but with it’s own personality.  Those hills though!  A couple of them were so steep I wanted to run up them just to see how hard it would be.  Runners are gluttons for punishment, aren’t we?  I kept thinking, “this would be the best hill for hill repeats!”.  I’m going to bust out of this boot pretty soon.

My abs are getting a killer workout from crutching.  I did so much this weekend, my abs and arms are sore.  You know what is NOT building muscle?  My sad excuse for a leg.  My calf has shriveled to a disgusting skinny arm-thing.  It’s going to be super hot when I go to the beach with this thing.  Look out kids!  Avert your eyes! Thousands of toe raises will commence.

I would like to end by saying that I am still thinking about Boston and sending my love.  I hope people are starting to find peace.

Happy Monday!



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