Too Soon to Move On

I still feel hesitant about blogging after what happened at the Boston Marathon.  I know we will eventually have to move on, but it still feels so fresh.  I mean, it was only two days ago.  That’s hardly enough time to process it. It also hits close to home for me; I used to live in Boston, I have many friends and family members that live there, and I am a runner.  I so wish I could run in honor of Boston today…I will crutch an extra few blocks instead.

I will say that Monday’s bombing has put my injury into harsh prospective.  I feel really guilty for having complained at all.  So many people have lost limbs, and here I was complaining about being on crutches for a few months.  At least I have my leg and foot, and I will walk on it again soon.  But these spectators and runners have lost limbs and now face an incredible challenge. My attitude has changed to being thankful for what I have, not upset over what is merely a speed bump.  

Still sending you love, Boston.


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