Choosing Positivity

Today was even more beautiful than yesterday!  Isn’t that the best? I love when we get some really great spring days; such a great reward after a cold and snowy winter.  The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining…oh, how it lifts my spirits.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and my ortho said my ankle is healing nicely.  It continues to be undisplaced and the swelling is going down.  I can’t wait until I don’t have fat little piggy toes!  The great news is he said I can take the boot off when I’m resting and, I quote, “there is NOTHING near or around it”. Ha.  That makes me incredibly happy because I cannot tell you how big, bulky, sweaty, and uncomfortable that boot is.  My nemesis.

The official progress report: three weeks in, three and half more of non-weight bearing (crutches and boot).  I can return to work tomorrow.  In three and half weeks I will see the doctor again for x-rays and update; at that point I will begin partial weight bearing.  Three weeks after that (this puts us in June) will be getting me out of the boot.  Permanently.  There will be champagne for all.

I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of time left on crutches/in the boot, and I’m starting to feel depressed over my lack of control in my life.  But I figure I can make it one of two ways through this ordeal:  a) depressed and upset which will leave me weak and unmotivated or b) optimistic and energized, maintaining the strength I do have which will ultimately improve my healing.  Sometimes it feels easier to just lay in bed watching tv and not dealing with anything or anyone.  But I have never chosen the easy way out, so why start now?

Instead of going home and feeling sorry for myself after the appointment, I went with FW and MKS for lunch (Cuban today!) and a drive up to Bear Mountain.  The Palisades Parkway is my most favorite highway on the East Coast.  It is incredibly beautiful and so peaceful.  We drove through Bear Mountain and I hobbled about around the park.  I got a great arm and ab workout!  Everything about the outing was glorious.

Such a good picture of these two!

How cute is MKS?

Poor old Gimpy can’t sit like a cool kid on the bench.

Also, we saw deer.  They were not scared of us, which actually makes me sad; deer are incredibly skittish animals!  There are clearly too many humans stomping through their home. Anyway, they were beautiful:

It was a lovely day and now I’m incredibly exhausted.  I can tell I’ve had a busy day when my toes get extra swollen.  And they are literally sticking together.  Time to put up the leg (bootless!!) and zone out.

I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy this beautiful weather!


4 thoughts on “Choosing Positivity

  1. great attitude!! It's ok to be bummed when something craptastic like a boot happens to us, but then like you said we have to make the best of it. I know an injury is the only thing that finally got me started on upper body training! 🙂

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