My Ultimate Challenge

I really want to pour onto this page how bored I am of “resting” (being forced to “rest” is not relaxing).  But instead, I will tell you how I turned that negative energy into positive energy and…drum roll please….


Yes, friends, it can be done.  Since I will be forced to more or less do the same workouts, I have decided to sample different workout videos.  The one I used today can be found here.  It is the “Strong Abs Routine/The Yoga Solution with Tara Stiles” through LiveStrong for Women.  It includes planks, which I did one legged, on both your forearms and then hands, as well as roll up crunches, side crunches, and that great one where you slowly raise and lower your legs while lying your back.  The video says to hold the planks for 10 long breaths in; I opted for 30-45 seconds, but do whatever you are capable of.  It is a great quick 10 minute ab workout if you’re pressed for time.  Since time is endless for me right now, I did 3 sets of each exercise.

I also completed 3×10 “girl pushups”; I hate that name.  I would like to state for the record that I did them on my knees NOT because I’m a girl but because I’m working out with a broken ankle.  Who’s girlie now?!

Lastly, as my friend NS (the crossfit BAMF despite what he says) pointed out to me: if you’re working your abs, you need to work your back so that it is strong enough to hold up your six pack.  So I added 3x superman pose for about 15-20 seconds each.  I am shooting for longer holds next time.

Endorphins are great, aren’t they?  Even after completing just those few exercises, I already feel better.  While holding those planks, I had time to [quickly] ponder my situation.  Is this ideal? Far from it.  Does it suck?  You bet.  Will I get through it?  Yes.  Is it up to me how much complaining I do?  Absolutely.

I realize that this is a new sort of challenge.  For all of us runners/exercisers, I think we can agree that rest days are tougher than the workout days.  What I’m facing now may just be my ultimate challenge.  I know that I can train for races and finish them.  I’ve proven that to myself.  Can I get through a bad injury with grace and patience?  Time will tell…just kidding.

I’m up for the challenge.

QUESTION: How do you deal with injuries?


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