Insignificant Miseries

I miss my schedule.  I never considered myself a “schedule person” until I was in residential treatment and I realized that sticking to a schedule significantly decreases my daily anxiety.  So now I’m fairly strict with a schedule.  I find peace in scheduling meals, workouts, social activities…and now it’s GONE.  

Nights were/are my ankle’s painful hours, so I haven’t been sleeping that well.  This causes me to take an afternoon nap that mimics a short night’s sleep, and then I stay up waaaaay too late watching tv/reading/being silly with FW.  Last night, we were up until 4:00am.  Then I sleep in too late.  It’s a terrible cycle.  I know I shouldn’t nap, but here’s the thing: having a broken ankle is EXHAUSTING.  I seriously hop everywhere.   Crutches are a huge pain, so unless I’m going long distance, I prefer to hop.  Have you ever done your chores hopping and balancing on one foot? No? Well it’s like strength training and yoga all in one.  I’m trying to view it as a silver lining.

This happened at an o’clock I won’t admit to.  Plus, I had to cut my face out of this picture because I have a huge stye in my eye (blocked tear gland) and I don’t want to put you off your food.
You can’t see the whole thing here, but this is a “Teddy Mercury” shirt – it’s awesome.  FW got it for me,  of course.

I’m complaining too much.  The point is: I miss my schedule, and the calmness I get by following one.  I know things will improve when I go back to work, and I shouldn’t complain about two weeks.  But I would rather be working and running.  Call me crazy.

One project I do have (besides blogging about my insignificant miseries) is developing my workouts for the next 11 weeks.  My good friend and fellow exerciser NS (he is a CrossFit BAMF) sent me a whole list of exercises I can try to keep my core, arms, and leg strong.  I’m not allowed to start them yet (I have to finish my two weeks of elevated leg first), but I’m putting together a pretty good workout for myself.  It will help fend off the crazies.

I hope everyone is having a great week!  Please go on walks and runs and hikes and bike rides and enjoy the beautiful spring weather for me!

TV Update:

Thank you all for your suggestions!  I am happy to report I tore through ‘Luther’ and am catching up on ‘Breaking Bad’.  Next on my list are ‘In Treatment’, ‘Pretty Little Liars’, and ‘Bones’.


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