Sticks & Stones…

…and STAIRS break your bones.  At least, they broke mine.  Last Thursday, I fell on my stairs going to work and broke my tibia (shin bone) in the ankle joint.  I was rushing, juggling my two phones and trying to put my keys in my bag and then !!BAM!!   Broken ankle.  I called FW, crawled up the stairs back to my apartment and lay on my back to avoid fainting.  I also somehow managed to call my coworker, though the details are fuzzy.  I went straight to the ER where they took x-rays, a CT scan, and put this on me:

The thing weighed a TON.  But I got to go home and spend the weekend resting before seeing my ortho on Monday.  I somehow managed to get downtown on Friday to see RM & CCJ (RM was visiting from out of town).  Here is a hilarious picture of us (take pity on me; I had not yet showered):

I spent the weekend on pain killers, reading, and being spoiled by FW.  He made me the most delicious breakfast on Saturday.  Plain yogurt with fresh strawberries and bananas foster.  He also made up a great story about how bananas foster was named šŸ™‚

The good news is I do not have to have surgery.  The bad news is that I won’t be free of cast/crutches for about 12 weeks.  I am thrilled no surgery is involved.  And my ortho was kind and gave me a removable cast so that I can take it off to shower.   The pain is better, although still not great.  I have to spend these two weeks (btw, doc also said I have to take two weeks off work!) resting.  Seriously, sitting still with my leg up.  This is not my forte.  Sitting still and doing nothing makes me incredibly anxious.  Two weeks of it?  Yikes.

I kept crying in the ER (and let’s be serious all weekend), and people thought it was because of the pain.  It did hurt, yes.  But worse than that is the fact that I cannot run for a long time.  I’m really trying not to dwell, but man it is frustrating.  I’m sure the frustration will ease up once I get more mobile in my crutches and I can return to my regular life.   I will eventually be working in some toning exercises, and my yogi friend CG is going to send me some yoga poses to do after these two weeks are up.  

Everything will be okay.  Way more important things are happening in the world, but it sure disrupted mine.  I have newfound understanding for people with physical disabilities.  It is hard to rely on other people; independence is a very sacred thing.  And though I won’t be running in the next coming months, I will be working hard to heal.  And I’m already excited for the day I lace up my running shoes!



2 thoughts on “Sticks & Stones…

  1. Dear Katniss, I'm so happy to have come across your blog! I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you've faced but happy that you've found the strong beautiful girl I think of, when I think of you! I thought I'd tell you about my best friend here in Geneva, who was training for her first Ironman about two years ago. While doing the dishes a few months before the race, she sliced her thumb on a broken plate and nearly severed her tendon. With a cast to above her elbow, the doctor said no swim/bike/running for a couple months and certainly no Ironman that summer. While initially shocked and very disappointed her response became, 'well yeah, not with that attitude'. She did a megaton of core work and slowly began biking on her home trainer and eventually running (she would dry her sweaty, by then removable cast by nuking it in the microwave…). A few months later, she finished Ironman Austria in only 11h24min, 11th overall in her category (I should mention while simultaneously doing a PhD in Biochemisty). All to say, it's never as bad as it initially seems. We are strong women – sometimes challenges like these just help to show us how strong we really are.

  2. Thank you, Colette! That is such an inspiring story! You are 100% correct, and I am feeling very motivated to heal and get back out there. I will for sure be doing TONS of core work as well! Thank you for reading and commenting!! Miss you! xxx

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