I Love a Strong Core

Hello World!

Last night’s dinner to celebrate LC’s birthday was incredibly fun!  Great spot in Brooklyn that serviced delicious food and beverages.  I had the best chicken I’ve ever had in my life.  Seriously, chicken might be ruined for me now.

The birthday girl blowing out her candle.

It’s Wednesday!  That means it’s my favorite workout day of the week!  Normally, I go to the gym and do a 5k, then my abs class.  I have been doing this for 3 weeks now (today is the 4th), and I can already feel how much stronger my core is.  I ran some hills when I was home, and I could feel my core helping me up those hills.  It was such a great feeling.  I love a strong core.  The best marathon I ever ran (NYC, incidentally), was due in large part to the core strengthening I included during training.  It doesn’t even take that much time to get in a few exercises a couple times a week.
Since it’s the winter and running long distances on treadmills/when it’s freezing outside is quite a test of dedication, I have taken this season to work on my speed.  I enjoy treadmill running much more when I’m changing it up.  Today, I am going to try a new speed workout that looks like this:
2 x [2 min. hard + 1 min. easy]
1 min. easy

2 x [2 min. hard + 1 min. easy]
2 min. easy
4 x [1 min. hard + 1 min. off or easy]

cool down
We will see how it goes.  I’m going to be that crazy person on the treadmill that is running and sweating like a maniac.  I’m so excited-I love Wednesday workouts!
QUESTION: What workout do you look forward to most?


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