Ready for Spring!

Normally, slushy and cold weather would really get me down…but not today!  Today is the lovely LC’s birthday and I am SO happy she was born on this day x amount of years ago.  It’s so fun to be close with someone for SO long.  I still have our original letters to each other when we were “pen pals”!  So darn cute, if I don’t say so myself.

I had a funny morning run; I pulled my sleepy self out of bed, looked outside and thought, not bad!  I can totally do this.  I then proceeded to run down slush covered streets for about 35 minutes, until I could take no more.  My normal route along the East River was completely covered, so I literally followed the clearest road as far as I could and then turned back.  I couldn’t take more than 35 minutes of it.  I AM SO READY FOR SPRING!

Last night, I had a “me” night.  I don’t often take these, but last night I did.  And it was lovely!  I read more of my book (An Outrageous Affair-I’m about to find out the thing I want to know!) and made dinner.  Apologies if these pictures make you gag, it actually was quite tasty!

It started as this-2 eggs, spring mix lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and a bit of turkey
Ended up like this.  Gross looking, but tasty.  I basically scrambled it after ruining the omelet flip.

Did I mention I’m a new cook?  I’m a new cook.  It would have worked better with three eggs, but an odd number doesn’t agree with my OCD tendencies.  Better to stick with two eggs and eat my meal than use three and not be able to eat it.  I try to resist them, but sometimes I just can’t.  Like the stove and hair straightener; I have to check and recheck to make sure they are off.   There is research that OCD and eating disorders are linked because so many of the behaviors overlap.  Here’s a quick overview of the connections if you’re interested:   Eating Disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Luckily, I’m off the hook for cooking tonight!  I will be having a wonderful meal with the cousins to celebrate LC’s birthday.  LOVE HER!  Happy Birthday, La!

Loved her then-love her now.

QUESTION: Anyone else worry about burning their apartment/house down because they forgot to turn off their straightener?  That thing gets HOT!


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