Winding Down From the Weekend


2 thoughts on “Winding Down From the Weekend

  1. 1. I am always soo sleepy on a Monday morning too! Hate Monday's 😦 takes me a while to get back into the work zone, even if I've had a quiet weekend! Plus I have to leave work early to do pro bono work – sounds ideal getting to leave work early right?! but I'm always just finally getting into work by 4.30pm haha! and pro bono is good but emotionally draining.2. I have the guilt gene too!!! always feel so guilty about everything even dumb things like my jewellery that doesn't get worn much anymore because I don't like it.3. I didn't go to the dentist for 4 years!! for various reasons…including that the last one txted me asking me out on a date *inappropriate*! My new dentist is soo nice, I love him 🙂 I asked if they still gave out stickers the last time I went, he thought I was joking but when I asked again he gave me a whole page of Disney stickers :D4. Workout plan for the week: run to work every morning unless v hungover (not often haha). Run at the weekends unless v hungover (more often 😛 )xxx

  2. Your dentist asked you out?!? SO inappropriate!! Glad you found a new one!!I am so jealous that you can run to work! Saves time, and what an ideal way to get your morning workout in!

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