Bulls Eye!

Hello there!

It’s a cold and windy day in NYC which just makes me want to cuddle up with a book!  I love to read.  Did I mention that?  I’m currently reading An Outrageous Affair by Penny Vincenzi, and it is fantastic.  Full of drama, love, sex, affairs, strong women…all set in England, New York City, and Hollywood in the 1950’s. Such a juicy read.

My run yesterday was awesome.  I had been reading NYC Running Mama where she was talking about the  mental component of speed.  She made the great point that what holds us back the most is our mind; our bodies can keep up.  I have been stuck in the 8:30-9:00 minute mile for a while a now.  We’re talking years.  So yesterday, I decided to see what I could do.  I put the treadmill at 8:00 minute miles, and ran for 2.0 miles.  At certain points, I could feel my mind wanting to slow down, but I didn’t allow myself to touch the speed button.  Actually, I did, but that’s because I sped up to 7:45 for the last half mile.  I had to stop at 2.0 miles because the abs class was starting.  But I felt AMAZING.  I had pushed through that “speed barrier” that I thought I wasn’t strong enough for.  It was awesome.  I then killed my abs in my Abs Express class, and ran a mile for cool down.  It was one of those epic nights at the gym.  I was egg-sauce-ted.  Apologies for the bad joke.

My post-gym plan was to shower, get into my sweats, eat a delicious salad, and climb into bed with said book.  Only one of those things happened; any guesses which one??

Yup, you guessed it!  The delicious salad.  Tuna fish with olive oil and carrots on mixed greens with salt & pepper.  YUM.  I tried to take a pic, and it just looked gross.  So I’d rather you imagined that what I ate looked like this:

I didn’t have tomatoes, because I need to go grocery shopping like woah.  But you get the picture; pun intended.

Now for the most EPIC part of my evening.  My boyfriend, who from hereon out will be referred to as “FW”, recently bought a bow.  Yes, I’m talking bow as in “bow and arrow”.  So we went to pick it up last night, and guess who got a lesson and kicked ass at archery?  This girl.  I was in my running clothes, naturally, and a side braid; they even let me use the pink bow to match my pink running top.  You can all call me Katniss from now on.  This is what I looked like:

Not really.  But actually kind of?  She’s got good form, although I don’t believe she has pulled the bow back far off.  You have to “hit your target” everytime, meaning pull your arm all the way back so that your hand sits right below your ear, and the string hits your nose.  You then line up these two little eyes with the x on the target and release the arrow.  It surprisingly goes where you aim!  I was talking to one of the owners about how I was a natural and he commented that everyone surprises themselves by how good they are on their first day.  I guess I’m not so special.  What I did find out to be true was that the muscles required for shooting are not muscles that you use EVER.  I got further and further away from the bulls eye as my arms got more tired.  Guess I need to go again and beef up those muscles!

My laugh for the day yesterday was the fact that I put my hear in a side braid to go shooting.  I mean, I’m obsessed with J-Law, but I actually didn’t intend to impersonate Katniss.  FW and I had a pretty good laugh!

Question: How do you move past speed barriers?


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